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Have you ever noticed that people of the same physique often behave similarly? Besides, you are probably familiar with some stereotypes about people of a certain body type. Today, we, at Meow Gag, are going to talk about 5 common body types and their characteristics.

So, which one is yours?


1. Fugitive

People with this physique look like eternal teenagers. They are skinny, lanky, angular, and somewhat stooped. Their face may be slightly asymmetrical. Their voice is usually quiet. These are humble people who don’t like to be in the spotlight. Fugitives are afraid of excessive attention to themselves.

Fugitives are usually perfectionists. They strive for intellectual development and believe that logic and common sense are capable of explaining any phenomenon in the world. They are very responsible at work. However, they are more effective when they work by themselves. Fugitives could be successful scientists or engineers. They are good at any work that requires diligence and perseverance, for example, needlework.

Such people can have tough times in family life; unless, they are honest and sincere with their partner. They need to work hard on themselves to develop self-confidence and not try to avoid problems and communication with people.


2. Dependent

The physique of these people is quite normal, though it can change a little with age. Their shoulders are lowered, and the upper part of their body is tilted forward. The face of these people often expresses sadness and sorrow. They tend to dramatize everything. They are very vulnerable and sensitive and take everything close to heart. They never forget any words of criticism. These people depend a lot on their emotions. Stress, disappointment, or loss can cause health problems and even serious diseases.

This group of people is called dependent due to their excessive attachment to a parent, a partner, or a friend. Loneliness is a phobia for them. Because of their fear of it, they often suffer in a toxic relationship. The people of the dependent group have a talent for acting. Their good imagination and facial expressions add a special charm to them. They often get disappointed in personal life, as they literally clamp their partner in the grip of control and jealousy.

If they learn to control their emotions and use them, for example, in poetry, writing, or art, they will become more self-sufficient, successful, and happy.


3. Masochist

At a younger age, these people are not necessarily overweight. Most often, they are characterized by a strong back. The upper part of their body is usually large and bulky. At an older age, they usually gain weight. Their voice always expresses interest, sympathy, and a desire to help. They are courteously polite and compliant. Despite being very sensitive, they rarely enjoy physical intimacy because of their strict upbringing and their own moral principles and complexes. They express their sensitivity in dancing or evocative clothes. Very often, they have a passion for overeating.

In relationships, women of this group necessarily perform the role of a mother by surrounding their beloved ones with too much care and attention. These people tend to take care of others at the expense of themselves. At the same time, they convince everybody and themselves that they are absolutely happy with everything. They are happy with everything, except for themselves. They believe they are ugly, heartless, rude, etc. They tend to exaggerate their shortcomings. At work, they work twice as much as they should. That is why when coworkers realize that they can work for a simple “thank you,” they start using them.

These people should learn to take care of themselves and their own needs. As soon as they stop making restrictions for themselves, they will be more happy and successful.


4. Controlling

Men of this type have broad shoulders, while women have wide hips. The people of this group have a loud voice and a confident look. They are convinced that they are always right. They are often skeptical, responsible, and strong.

A controlling person would better solve a problem himself than assigned it to someone else. People of this group are demanding and impulsive. In life, they are guided by principles of maximalism: everything or nothing, now or never, with me or against me.

It is very difficult to build a relationship with a controlling woman due to her intractability and uncompromising personality. Such ladies often claim that they need a more powerful man, but in fact, they are not willing to give in to a strong partner because they are constantly fighting for supremacy in the family.

Controlling people often go crazy when something goes wrong. They need to see visible achievements. Their leadership qualities help them climb up the ladder of career success. They could make successful businessmen, sportsmen, or politicians. They need to be more flexible in personal life.


5. Endurant

These people have a good posture and a normal physique. They are often tight, though somewhat stiff. Their speech is mechanical and restrained. They always strive to be ideal. The main goal of their life is to fight against injustice. They criticize people’s coldness without even noticing that they themselves are cold. Even though they make jokes and communicate with people, they do it in a dry and formal way. They are devoted to their family and friends. They like to tell people about their own kindness and good deeds.

These people are especially rigid in stressful situations. They are very demanding and self-critical. The people of this group should learn to be more lenient toward themselves, express their feelings, accept their imperfection, and not expect it from others.

We hope that these characteristics will help you to better understand yourself and the people around you.

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