What Americans will look like in 2050 National Geographic

What Americans will look like in 2050 National Geographic : First of all lets look at the image shown above.

Have a look at these images. these are not animated, or photoshoped, in fact tomorrow’s Americans are living among us. We daily meet them in DMV, grocery store or wherever you hangout. The fact is their number will only grow more and more  until 2050. Most of  The American will look as these images show(Image Credit: National Geographic). Some of the statistics published in  renowned magazines.  In the year 2000 The U.S. Census Bureau had survey  for the first time, to check more than one race and 6.8 million people did so. This figure increased to about 9 million in By 2010 that with spikes of  32%.
The Wall Street Journal had reported couple of  years back, according to which  15%  of  new marriages were between people of different races in 2010. Where as currently they stated, the number exceeds the double, what it had been 25 years ago.

Here is the proportion marriages among people of different race,  “

  • 9% – whites
  • 17% -blacks,
  • 26% – Hispanics
  • and 28% – Asians

American look 2050


what Americans will look like in 2050

what Americans will look like in 2050



american look 2050

Image Credit: National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal

What ever American look like lets applaud these increasing rates of intermixing for what they are. This is really impressive symbol of rapidly American change.

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