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Before bringing the serial killer images and information , lets define what a serial killer is?

A person who kills more then two people over a long time period. Usually a serial killer appears to be a normal person, and a good citizen abiding by the law. However on the back end he is a sick person, or sociopaths having less abilities to empathize with the suffering of their victims .
We bring 5 stories of scariest and Terrifying serial killers ever captured!


Top 5 Terrifying  Serial Killers

John Wayne Gacy, well known as  “The Killer Clown”. He was married man, a father. But was also sex offender, who repeatedly had many people victimized in all his life. In the year 1968 this man was assaulting two boys when he was arrested. Was kept in jail for only eighteen months , though he was sentenced to ten year of jail.Due to his good he was released on parole.

Once he was released, he started his life happily. He got remarried, his wife who had divorced him , when she had come to know, that the killer her husband was gay secretly. He was well know as a business man, he kept on attending the community gatherings. And was well respected till he had another crime scene. He was arrested for crime of kidnapping, murder of 33 young men. He had tried to bury the bodies in his yard. Where as some of the bodies where dumped in river nearby. Had committed torture, rape too with people he had murdered.

In 1994 he had confession and was executed.
(Source | Photo)


If you read the history of serial killer in US you will find Jeffrey Dahmer as  one of the scariest . In duration of thirteen years, he had  murdered 17 peoples including (men and boys) . Not only this his murders also contained  rape, dismemberment and cannibalism. Though it is a fact that many of the victims of  Dahmer’s managed to escape,  until one victim who ran and reached police car. Not only this police has also mad discoveries about Dahmer being involved in minless sex slave, drilling skulls of living victims, sex with dead, eating human bodies etc. November 28, 1994 he was beaten to death. (Source | Photo)


Ted Bundy had kidnapped and murdered 30 young women between the year 1974 and 1978 . Though he looked a cool looking guy, having charismatic personality.The crime he had been committing involved rape with dead. He would entered a house , murder while they were sleeping and then rape , torture, dismember them to keep souvenirs in hours for months .

After  police chase activity, he was  arrested and brought to justice in 1979 killed in the electric chair in  1989,

(Source | Photo)





In the years between 1980’s and 1990’s Gary Ridgway  who had made victims arround 71 women in washigton,well Known as the “Green River Killer,” due to the fact his first five murdered were discovered from the Green river earning him a nick name.After DNA test resemblance he was caught. After confession to his all crimes he was sentence to death in November 2001.

The way he would commit a crime, included  a story, he would earn the trust of prostitutes showing them photo of his son, and strangle them with his bare hand or ligatures. Sex with dead bodies , arranging bodies in various poses. Though he had IQ of 82 he had skills to manage uncaught for a decade.(Source | Photo)


Ed Gein  who would not be considered a serial killer due to the fact , he had only confessed two murders , but his horrific and terrifying acts were inspiration for countless stories in the category of horror and crime, that includes Norman Bates, Leatherface ,Chainsaw Massacre and Jame Gumb .

Ed Gein  a son, and brother  lived in Wisconsin .Was first  suspected of murdering his brother.Then Gein started visiting the local cemeteries, after the death of his beloved mother. Some of his acts were  digging up dead bodies who he thought look like his mother, making “woman suit” out dead skins.  killed two local women eventually caught by police , body parts were discovered from his house., and when police came to his home to investigate they found body parts everywhere.Skulls were used for bowls, skin masks, sacks  of human head, belt of human nipples.

Was shifted mental hospital and died of heart failure in 1984 at the age of 77. (Source |Photo)

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