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Technology has reshaped our lives so much so that it influences how we spend our leisure time. With mobile broadband connectivity and mobile devices, users are not hooked to a desktop for their computing needs. Thanks to mobile devices, users can perform any computation task on the go.
With each passing day, popularity of freelancing websites has grown exponentially. These websites have given users a platform to showcase their talents in any field, earn some money for it and make relationships with clients. Although, professional freelancing websites requires a lot of time and effort but if you are not looking to devote that much time and effort and still earns money, then you should try out small gigs sites.
The first name that pops up in mind when we talk about small gigs sites is Fiverr. There is no denying that it is one of the best small gigs site but there are some issues that forces its users to search for other Fiverr alternatives. The 20% commission charged by Fiverr, high competition and limited payment options detracts many users from Fiverr. In this article, you will learn about some of the best websites like Fiverr which can help you to make some quick buck in your free time.
Here are some of the sites like Fiverr that every freelancer must try.
1. FiverUp
2. Fourerr
3. Gigswood
4. SEOClerk
5. GigsClerk
6. Zeerk
7. GigsBucks
8. GigsFusion
9. Tenrr
10. Magicgig
11. RoundShelf
12. TenBux
13. Dollar3
14. JobsFor10
15. MakeaFiver


If you are looking for a Fiverr alternative that does not come with its negatives, then FiverUp is the best option for you. For those who have used Fiverr before, using FiverUp won’t be a problem because it has almost the same user interface as Fiverr. When you compare Fiverr with FiverUp, you might find many features that FiverUp has but Fiverr don’t.
Some of the innovative features include video gigs, more orders for verifying your account and many more. Feature that makes it stand out from the rest of similar sites is the ability to display your gig on the front page for free but that will only happen once in a day. Nonetheless, it is a great feature to have for budding freelancers, who wants their gigs to be seen by as many people as possible.


Taking design inspiration from Fiverr, Fourerr even copies the rating system of Fiverr. Apparent from its name, it is a platform to sell stuff starting from $4. According to the latest statistics, Fourerr is one of the most popular gigs site therefore, if you are interested in earning some money online with gigs, then Fourerr is a platform to be on. Its customer support gives a competitive advantage over its counterparts. Users who are familiar with fiverr interface won’t have any problem in using this website.


If you are searching for similar sites like Fiverr, then you should not miss out on Gigswood. It does a very good job at mimicking Fiverr but distinguishes itself by providing buyers the ability to communicate with sellers throughout the process. This feature ensures that the buyer get the final product according to his needs.


SEO Clerk is the platform for both SEO novice and experts to show their skills and make a quick buck. If you know any skill related to SEO, you can use this platform to earn money. The payment method supported by this website includes PayPal, Payee and Payza so getting your money retrieved won’t be an issue. The payment can be as low as $1 or as high as $999, which means that you can earn a good income with this website.


With “Best Micro Job Site” tagline, GigsClerk still needs a lot of work to be done. Although, the site is new and needs time to compete with other giants like fiverr but it is moving in the right direction. If you are new freelancers and wants get yourself acquainted with micro jobs, then you must sign up for gigs clerk. GigsClerk takes a lot of design inspiration from Fiverr and copies its review system as well. Fiverr users will find it very easy to use.


With zero commission, Zeerk is an attractive proposition for freelancers on a tight budget. This means that new freelancers can get full amount of money without any deductions. Gigs range from $5 to $200; therefore, there is a lot of opportunity to earn a healthy amount as a side income with Zeerk.


For those worried about getting their payments, GigsBucks offers them a perfect solution. Users can get their payment through credit cards, which is its stand out feature. It also supports many other payment options, which makes retrieving payments a hassle free experience for freelancers. GigsBucks is quite popular among micro job finders and you can easily sell your services for as low as $5 to as high as $50 depending upon various factors. It is very important that you give this website a try.


Gigs Fusion comes very close to Fiverr because it mimics most of the aspects of Fiverr. Both offers similar features but the number of payment methods offered by Gigs Fusion gives it an edge. With Skrill, PayPal, Payza and Payoneer supported, retrieving payments will not be a problem for users. Although, most of the micro job websites has review system but the level system offered by Gigs Fusion makes it stand out from the crowd. All this makes it a formidable option, especially if you are considering an alternative to Fiverr.


Not happy with four or five dollars per job? Tenrr has the solution to your problem. This website let you sell wide variety of services for $10 that too with lower commission than Fiverr, which makes it a viable option for micro job hunters who are looking to make some money online. When it comes to interface and design of the website, you will find many similarities between Tenrr and Fiverr, which can makes it a breeze to use, especially for users who have used Fiverr before. Don’t miss this earning opportunity and jump on the Tenrr bandwagon to make some money.


Magicgig is an effective platform for gig hunters because it provides them the opportunity to earn money as well as stay in touch with clients throughout the whole process. One feature that makes Magicgig stands out from the pack is its 48 hours correction time, which gives a lot of leeway for freelancers and micro job hunters to deliver the best work possible. When it comes to user interface, Magicgig does leave a lot to be desired.


The best feature of RoundShelf, which is also a distinguishing factor, is that there is no withdrawal limit. This means that users can retrieve the money irrespective of what the amount might be. Although, when you compare the popularity of this site with some others on this list, you will see a big difference. Roundshelf is one of the least popular website on this list. Just because it is not famous among the freelancer community does not means that you should not consider it.


Comparing TenBux alongside Fiverr will reveal only few distinguishing factors. Both websites are almost the same in many aspect but TenBux, as the name suggests would pay you $10 for a single order instead of $5 per gig policy used by Fiverr. Like Fiverr, TenBux also has a high commission rate. This means that micro job hunters will only earn $8 for a $10 job they have just completed and rest of the amount is deducted by TenBux.
If you can get past its high commission rates and want to try a Fiverr alternative that is similar to the famous micro job platform but pays you a little more for every job done, then TenBux is an ideal choice otherwise, it is much better to look at options that offer lower commission rates and similar features.


One website that has proven to be a fresh air in the market filled with Fiverr clone is Dollar3. As soon as you land on their website, you will notice that they take a completely different approach as compared to any of the sites like Fiverr. What makes Dollar3 stands out from Fiverr is that it allows its users to post a job in other multiples such as $3, $9, $15 etc. This feature is not present even in Fiverr.
When it comes to payment modes, users are only restricted to PayPal and AlertPay. If you don’t have an account with any of these services, then you are better off looking elsewhere. For those who are sick and tired of similar sites like Fiverr, Dollar3 is one of the best options because it has a completely different approach in every aspect you can think of from design to functionality.


Another website that deserves special consideration from users is Jobsfor10. It is one of the best micro jobs site for users who wants to put their free time to earning money online. The best thing about Jobsfor10 is that it offers wide range of categories so users who have almost any skills can sell it on this website. With its easy to use interface, you won’t face any problem in navigating your website. It also has reasonable commission which means that you can get a big percentage of what you earn.
This UK based website that follows the same model as Fiverr and offers 5 bucks for each micro job, the number of payment options at your disposal is a big plus. PayPal and all credit cards support means that retrieving your payment will not be a problem. Another highlight of this website is that freelancers can make the final adjustment in the order within 48 hours, which will ensure that the buyer gets exactly what he wants. Simple and intuitive layout makes it easy to navigate.


After going through this list, you might have noticed that there are many websites who tried to copy the most popular micro job site Fiverr and some of them also managed to succeed at it by adding some unique features that Fiverr don’t have. Another advantage of websites like Fiverr is that if you have ever used Fiverr before, you won’t find it tough to navigate these website because it also shares them same design and even the review system in some cases.
There is not much to distinguish between many of these sites except for few new features here and there but as a whole, they try to overcome Fiverr loopholes with few innovative features. If you are looking to experience something new, then it is highly recommended that you give dollar3 a try. It will provide you a completely different experience that you want from a Fiverr alternative.
For those looking for a one stop micro job site where they can sell wide variety of skills, Jobs for 10 is for you. On the contrary, if you are interested in finding micro jobs on a specific domain such as SEO, then SEO Clerk has the answer to all your problems. Similarly, if you are not happy with $5 per job policy of Fiverr and other similar sites, then you can choose any of the sites from aforementioned list that offers $10 for a single job. Unfortunately, some of these sites also have a higher commission rates so check the policies before signing up.
Irrespective of what you are looking for, it is worth trying a micro job site especially if you cannot devote a lot of time and resources towards full fledge freelancing project but wants to earn a side income at the same time. I hope this article might have helped you in making the right choice regarding the micro job platform you must choose in order to maximize your time and make a quick buck.

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