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This Teacher Was Pranked By The Students, Tricked To Call Out Mia Khalifa And Its Hilarious

During the school days, everyone likes to have fun. The desire for fun combines with some additional creativity like to give new nick names to the fellow students and as well as the teachers. Apart from this, the students do different yet creative pranks to seek fun. This time a candid teacher ended up being the victim of such prank. When some mutinous and attention deficient students tricked the teacher to call out the name Mia Khalifa during the attendance.

Do You Know Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa; does this name sound familiar to you? If not, then definitely you are a candid person. Some of you may be familiar with this beauty, but for those who are not, Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese American social media personality, best known for her successful career as a adult film actress and adult model in 2014-2015. Now you should get the idea about how fun it can bring if your teacher speak out this name for attendance in the classroom. Similar stuff happened in the video.

Sorry Sir! They Got You

Although the teacher had no idea about how much notorious or popular the name is. So he called out the name. However, the reaction of the students was not expected by the teacher. The entire class lost it and burst out laughing, the plain spoken teacher took a little time to realize that he just said something really funny. Furthermore, if you look at his face, you will know that the teacher is confused about what just happened in the class.

Most Sincere Is The Easiest Victim

It usually happens, we target the most sincere one as a victim for this kind of pranks. Negative or positive, we can take it either way we want.

Now so many of you must be thinking these kinds of students do not worth to sit in the class, as it is against the respectful image of a teacher. While for others this prank just refreshed their old memories. Whatever you feel about this prank, please share it in the comment box.

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