How You Text Reveals Your Personality

When texting, how do you hold your phone? In what way you maneuver it? Well, if you might ask, the way you text speaks something about your personality. And we at Odd Me Not will tell you about it.

If you see choose:


You are a logical thinker who focuses on facts. No one can deceive you! When the time comes to get things done, you take charge and put things in motion. Other people get lost in the ideas. You get down to business and achieve your goals!


You purse your goals with a fierce tenacity. Nothing can stop you from achieving what you have set your mind to! Your bright spirit is an inspiration to others. Leadership comes natural to you and others like to follow your lead!


You find joy in learning new skills and trades. People are often astounded by how quickly you can pick up something new. This comes in handy in multiple ways – even your social life. You are able to make friends with literally anybody!


You enjoy the finer things in life and you have an eye for beauty. Most people spend their days rushing around and never taking time to be still. But you are balanced and calm in your spirit. You have learned the importance of centering your being.


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