This Test Will Determine Your Moral Type

It is just unacceptable to see women being hit by men, especially in public. If you encounter this kind of situation, what would you do?

By answering the question through choosing among the three choices below, we will tell you what kind of morals you possess.

If you choose:


A. You have a kind heart

In your heart, you know when situations are wrong, but you know there’s a disconnect between what you physically can do and what is the right thing to do. You may have felt guilt in your lifetime, but there have been other times in your life you’ve spoken up for what you believe in… when the time was right. You’re the kind of person that would rather spend their time with smaller groups, as larger ones tend to make you feel nervous. Work on that voice of yours, you have such a kind and loving soul, you are truly a gift!



B. You are brave and swift

You are not afraid to speak up, but sometimes that lands you in a bit of trouble! You have a strong voice and have no trouble being heard. You know right from wrong and are very passionate. You fight for those who do not have the means to speak up for themselves and are a very brave soul. “See Something, Say something” immediately comes to mind. You are a true hero – just be sure you can match your bark with bite if things go south!



C. You are righteous

When you’re in situations that you know are wrong, you have no trouble speaking up but do not want to get hurt in the process. “See Something, Say something” immediately comes to mind. This is why you are more likely to alert authorities instead of intervening. You tend to follow the rules and have a very good conciseness. You don’t like when people break the law and try your best to be an upright citizen. If only everyone was like you!

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