This Teacher Turned Makeup Artist Will Give You Nightmares With Her Creepy Illusions

These days all we come across while surfing our social media accounts are people posting makeup tutorials, or pictures of their vacations while we find ourselves pressing our office suits and coats. And so is the story of a teacher who turned into a makeup artist but not just any ordinary makeup artist! She creates illusions with her makeup that is obviously worth appreciating but also creepy.  She has gained a lot of followers on Instagram and people love her. Some may fall in love with the talent of this artist who creates creepy illusions while some are going to get nightmares after seeing them!

There is hardly a woman who does not spend a fair portion of her budget every month on her makeup. It means assured earning and better financial stability but since eye illusion makeup has made its way on the digital screen and women have become keen to try one or more styles, the market of this art skill is looking even more promising. Mimi Choi is not wrong when she quit teaching and dedicated her time to the art of makeup that is now blowing people’s minds. She is enjoying being an artist and living her dreams rather than being a teacher at pre school.

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