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Success Story of Alibaba Founder Jack Ma

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma is a business magnate. Alibaba which started as a B2B online company is now the biggest internet company in the world. In fact, Alibaba’s Ipo is bigger than that of Facebook and twitter. And this is all because of one person’s belief and hard work. Jack ma is the face behind the much successful company Alibaba. We all know China today is the second largest economy in the world. He is described as China’s Steve Jobs. Currently, he is one of the richest people in China.

We all have been the witness of his success. But little did we know about the rejections he has faced. Recently in an interview given by him, he told that before all this, he was rejected multiple times in his life.

A 3-minute video featuring Alibaba’s founder is going viral all over the internet. He has talked about the rejections he has faced, on gender equality, the economy of the country, Tai chai, improving the world, money, confidence, confidence with ebay.

He began the interview by telling that he was rejected by Harvard 10 times. When KFC came in China he along with 23 other people applied for it. Out of 24 people, 23 got the job. However, he was the only person who was not given the job.

On gender equality, the billionaire believes that Women are the secret sources for Alibaba’s success. You” ll besurprised to know that Aliaba has 47 percent women employees working for them.

Jack ma on money said, “When you have one Million dollars, that is not your money. That is the trust society gives to you”

The success story of Jack Ma

The Alibaba founder further told that when he came up with the idea of Alipay, many people thought it was the stupidest idea. But Jack ma believed in himself. And now 800 million people are already using it.

Jack Ma Success Story – Failure To Success

‘Harvard rejected me 10 times’

After all the rejections and struggles, look who’s having the last laugh now. This Jack Ma’ video is truly an inspirational one.

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