Strange & Bizarre Money Habits Of Billionaires That Will Give Us Shock

When we think of Billionaires, there we have a settled point of view in our mind that they live in a lavish house, big long white speedy cars, awesome way of life and rich habits. Yes, they have a decent bank amounts, they are counted in the top rich people, yet these tycoons have some weird bizarre habits that are very bizarre and strange to know. After all they have not saved cash by spending it the way they need to. On the off chance that you have watched you will clearly come to know the world top tycoons don’t have a one source of income, they have numerous ways of gaining. These extraordinary habits have an appropriate planing to increase their cash and never to cut them. How about we check some unusual habits of business tycoons which are truly interesting and astonishing.

Mark Zuckerberg:

He is among the young rich people on the planet; Facebook has come to a striking spot and made Zuckerberg one of the wealthiest on the planet. He for the most part wears a dark shading shirts and never spends much cash on shopping or purchasing garments.

Warren Buffett:

He is one the richest man in 2007 lives in the same house which he bought about 50 years ago. The house has grown old enough and he really needs to buy a new lavish bungalow.

David cheriton:

He is one of the first investor in Google, along with Sun microsystems Andy bechtolsheim. He has a fixed barber from last 15 years and never spends any extra money to the barber.

Rose kennedy:

There are many stories about Rose kennedy , because of her money making and saving ability she is known as eccentric. When she was old she used to trade old worn clothes to make money and also would complain for the price hike of potatoes.

John Donald Macarthur:

He was the sole trader of banker’s loan and when he didn’t had internet connection he started to address his home as office. He saved enough of money on office rents and other bills. He also didn’t hire anyone to work for him and managed 25000$ alone.

Azim Premji:

He is the owner of one the biggest company “Wipro” and he used paper plates to serve food on his son’s wedding for cost cutting.

Ingvar Kamprad:

He is the founder of Ikea and does not spend money on expensive suits. Infact he eats in a lower tier restaurants and flies in economy class. Ingvar Kamprad drives 15 year old Volvo.

Hetty Green:

She was one of the multi-millionaires in her time and an idol personality to for a contribution to unforgettable business history. It is said that hetty used to wear the same black dress and undergarments throughout the day. Only the dirty part would have been washed to save over soaps. She never used hot water to bath in order to save electric bill consumed by the heater.

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