Sad reality OF Our World Drawing With Oil Pastels

One of the the amazing feature of arts and design is that it can be used to show the reflection of the society or world we live in! The reality of the world is always depicted in the arts! if you have a look at the historical arts and illustrations made by artists and painters of that time, you will clearly notice that, their arts reflects their society . What happened back their is shown by the artist in their drawings.

Harsh reality of our modern world Drawing With Oil Pastels

Similarly our artist try hard to show the reality of our society in their arts and illustrations. In today’s world of modern technology where everyone is attached to every other thing. Arts have evolved to a great extent. Now everyone with just few oil pastels can drawing the most amazing arts that no would have predicted just few handred years ago. Not only the oil pastels but you can have a look at all the software that constant  being used in make the most adorable drawings that show the real face of our world.

If you are one of those who like to acknowledge what is being done in our world. Then these sad illustration and harsh reality of our world video is for you!

Today we are going to bring before you an amazing video that will show how the world has changed . Plus it will also teach you how one can draw thing using oil pastels. Drawing has never been easy then this. Now with a bunch of pastel colors you can draw anything that you want. Absolutely anything. Be it an animal photo or any sort illustration. But today’s videos are specially dedicated for oil pastel drawings that are about sad reality and bitter truth of our society.

Drawing Sad Reality With Oil Pastels

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