Why Do People Go Barefoot On The Street In New Zealand?

Whether you have ever visited  New Zealand or not, but you must have heard and seen the attractions of this beautiful country.

One of the most unique and wired fact about  New Zealand is that most people go barefoot out there.

Well don’t think going barefoot on beaches etc, its about people walking  barefoot in shopping malls, sidewalks, grocery stores, restaurants.

You may be Wondering why?

The simplest answer is why wear shoes when you can walk barefoot?

if it looks different, hot and comfortable, then what is the need of wearing shoes?

if you can walk without hurting your feet than it better to walk barefoot to go to a grocery store.

Most Kiwis do not really care what you wear.


People working barefooted in offices.

Do you know walking barefoot can be healthier?


 According to a review that was published in a Journal of Environment and Public Health looked at a number of studies that says walking on barefoot can be healthy because of drawing electrons from the earth.
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