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Now a days we all have a bad habit of using phone into the toilet. Have you ever thought about the germs which can kill us due to this bad habit? Salmonella, E Coli and other most dangerous germs are found in each and every public toilets.

Dr. Akmal Khan is a hygiene expert who elaborates that you transfer germs from your hands to your phone after you clean your private parts after using toilet and then picking your phone immediately.

If you touch your phone after using bathroom then washing your hands is useless because bacteria will be back soon from phone.

You can prevent yourself from disease due to fecal contamination and viruses by not taking your phone into the toilet.

Dr. Akmal also said the risk of disease depends on the usage of toilet. He said if there is a public toilet then it is a huge risk to use phone after it. And if you are using it in small office toilet then risk is low but not eliminated.

The most common method of transferring viruses is by hands.

Dr. Akmal also said that phones remain warm in hands by usage. They provide a safe and beautiful friendly environment to these dangerous bacteria. Therefore when you go to toilet keep your phone in your pocket and after using toilet wash your hands with water and antibacterial soap. Then dry your hands with clean cloth or tissue and then you can use your phone.


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