‘LOVE’ Can Be Expressed Even On Little Things…

Many people believe that LOVE can be expressed even on little things. To prove this to you, oddmenot.com has created these illustrations that depict how LOVE has been expressed even on doing just simple things for your significant other.

LOVE means…

Hugging for no specific reason

Covering one another with a blanket

Falling asleep together

Preparing foods together

Watching TV together until midnight

Spending time together doing noting

Falling asleep on each other’s arms

Browsing old photos together

Caring for each other

Calming each other

Arranging surprise


Kissing your partner tenderly on the forehead


Bathing the pet together



Brushing your teeth together

Offering ice cream to your partner

Baking delicious treats

Helping each other

Thinking about each other

Singing together

Loving each other so much

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