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People of high intelligence possess some extra ordinary skills. Even if you think that you are not an intellectually superior person you may share some features of creative geniuses.

Here are 7 such characteristics that differentiate a normal person from a person who is special and gifted.

If you match any two points shared below, it is very possible that you are very smarter than you think.

Geniuses are naturally curious people. They are very eager to learn new things and constantly question themselves to understand things better, which brings us to our next characteristic, – “constantly talking to thyself.”

2: You talk to yourself.

If you have a habit of talking to yourself, then you don’t have to worry about it. It’s a trademark trait of naturally gifted people. When you constantly think about something and constantly try to understand something, it’s natural that you mind hits with problems. And when the intensity of your though grows you naturally start talking to yourself. It’s a very positive trait.

3: Reading = Love

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” ― Albert Einstein

Naturally talented people love reading, they are often obsessed with it. Extraordinarily intelligent people most often stick to single genre other go with multiple genres. Whatever may be the reading habits are if you constantly find yourself reading stuff, then you fall under genius category.

4: You are forgetful.

Do you know that Einstein was lovable, but absent minded. Creative geniuses have lots of things in their minds which makes them forgetful. They are overloaded with complex thoughts, complicated and intense things.

That’s the reason why they often forget small things like, why they entered the room. That’s one reason why they often loose things and forget where they had placed keys or anything that matters.

5. You enjoy challenging your own intellect.

Do you enjoy playing logic, word and trivia games to train and test your brain? If so, you have at least one thing in common with a lot of very intelligent people.

Many geniuses work on sudoku puzzles and do crossword puzzles as impulsively and habitually as other people check their Facebook pages.

6. You have a checkered past.

We’ve all read about the tortured geniuses who use drugs or alcohol to cope. This isn’t just a plot device used in dramatic fiction, either.

It doesn’t take long to create a long mental list of writers, musicians, artists, scientists and other creative geniuses who have succumbed to or struggled with addiction. Some use alcohol or drugs to cope with the difficulties of fitting in. Others use alcohol or drugs because of their desire to have new experiences.

Obviously, this is a completely unhealthy thing. But if you did some past experimentation, know that it’s not an unusual thing for geniuses.

7. You worry and overthink things.

You would think geniuses would be full of confidence. After all, they’re geniuses.

The truth is, geniuses are often full of doubt. They know there are no black and white answers, and that truth and knowledge continually evolves and grows. Unfortunately, this can also lead to feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence.

After reading this, you may be thinking that you’ve tested your IQ and are decidedly not a genius. Think again.

First of all, if you’ve taken one of those free online IQ tests, throw those results out the window. They are absolutely useless.

Even if your IQ has been measured professionally, those results don’t take into consideration multiple bits of intelligence or possible difficulties with test taking that could skew your results.

If nothing else, you can benefit from treating yourself like a genius. Engage your creativity, curiosity and desire to learn new things.

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