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How To Preserve a Legacy: 3 Lessons from Entertainment Attorney John Branca

It may be easy to write off celebrity matters as irrelevant to “normal”  life, but there’s much to be learned from the rich and famous about how to preserve a legacy and how that legacy can make a difference in the world. Thanks to celebrity estate executors, such as entertainment attorney John Branca, it’s easier than ever for the public to observe what really goes on behind the scenes of legacy preservation.

1. Legal Representatives Offer Preventative Help

Having the right representatives by your side is the easiest way to ensure that your legacy remains intact, whether publicly or privately. Though you may feel like you don’t need one, especially early in your career, it’s critical to have a team of trustworthy legal professionals who can navigate the murky waters of contracts, privacy agreements, and estate planning.

Professionals can prevent situations where you cannot access your own physical or digital property, for example. They can also advocate for you if you find yourself struggling to obtain promised payment or legal rights.

2. Your Life Lives On Through Your Work

Whether you’re an international pop star or a lifelong educator, chances are you’ve thought about how your work will represent you even after you’re gone. While this is true on any scale, regardless of job or status, celebrities exemplify this on a public level.

Posthumous works of art, for example, are often both more revered and more heavily scrutinized than the work of the living. John Branca suggests making your wishes for your legacy clear, so no one will be able to publicize the details or projects you leave behind. This allows you to control the impression your work leaves on your life and your legacy.

3. Legacies Remain Part of the Narrative

Sometimes, it’s hard to control your own narrative. Thanks to the internet and social media, popular opinion can quickly be skewed, even after false allegations or manipulated images, videos, or stories.

The battle over Michael Jackson’s estate has served as a primary example of how restoring a legacy can help celebrities, as well as regular citizens, take control of their narratives. The King of Pop’s attorney, John Branca, has spoken about the importance of this victory for not only Michael Jackson’s family, but for the music industry, and thus the world, as a whole.

No matter the size of your estate, there’s plenty to learn about legacy preservation from celebrities and their legal representatives. The next time you’re thinking about the mark you want to leave behind, then, consider looking to the stars.

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