Hilariously Funny & Painful Illustrations That Reveal The Harsh Reality Of Our World

People say humanity has gone away from this time!! People have changed! There is no value of how decent a person is! No value of his character! Everyone is just focused on Earning as much money as possible. Because its money that makes a man good or bad! You want to earn respect first earn money! This is what most of our society is full of! .

I know some of you may not agree with me! And argue that humanity is still alive! Love without any agenda still exist! But the fact is its very less! Looking at the majority of the people we see this world full of selfishness! Kids are away from their parents! But connected to the whole world! The are the most gentlemen on social media! But in real life they even don’t know how to bring smile on the face of their mother!

Same goes for the wives, brothers, parents and all the possible relations that can exist!

Today we are going to elaborate this problem of our society! Just hold tight to see the harsh reality of our world we live in! We have created some videos that contain Pictures revealing the deep truth about our society we have been living! And most of these will look absolutely true to you! because one way or the other you have experienced the same situation in this society you live.

Funny & Painful Illustrations That Reveal The Harsh Reality Of Our World


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