This Is What The Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Mean

Most of the ladies like to have their nails decorated that matches their clothes. But wait!! have you been considering your nails to be some dead cells? if yes you are wrong! they can tell more about your health, then you may expect. Nails are one of the important part of our body, for example your nails can help detect different diseases including cancer.

Lets start by asking you the most basic question! Have you noticed a crescent-shaped whitish area at the bed of your fingernails ? It isn’t just merely a whitish area under the nails; it’s in fact a highly sensitive area,  make sure it doesn’t get damaged.


This crescent-shaped whitish area under nail is known as  ‘lunula’ a latin workd meaning small moon.

 Lunula is the nail’s root if it gets damaged, the entire nail gets permanently deformed.



Lunula can be clearly seen on thumbs and might be faintly visible due to eponychium, the thickened layer of skin surrounding fingernails and toenails that cover the lunula.


The lunula is can be used to know about your health conditions as well.

As for as the Chinese alternative medicine is considered, a lack of lunula indicates anaemia and malnutrition where as a person with a bluish/pale lunula indicates possible diabetes.

Reddish smudges on the lunula can be an indication of cardiovascular diseases.

A lack of lunula (or a very small one) indicates indigestion and toxin overload in the body.

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