This Guy Stood Like This for Hours, People Saw Something Mind-Blowing the Next Day!

At first, I thought this guy was just out in the waters, paddling. However, when I looked at his other photos, I couldn’t speak…

Sean Yoro, O’ahu-born artist, paints gorgeous murals. Moreover, through his art, Sean wants to raise awareness on topics like social issues and climate change.

“I want to beautify the city and give people who don’t have a voice the platform to speak about the issues they care about.”

Each mural can take from a few hours to four days to paint. The artist also uses only nontoxic paints for his portraits. He also had drawn on Iceland icebergs!

“Recently I did an expedition to Baffin Island where I painted a local Inuit woman on ice.”

What do you think of Sean’s works?

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