How to Get Rid of a Headache in 5 Minutes Without Pills

Sometimes you a person have a headache and their is no way you can get a pill right a way, the situation just get bad and bad. But now not to worry you can get rid of headache with in 5 minutes using a scientific way called  called acupressure.

Here we bring you the most unique technique which removes a headache effectively and quickly.

Acupressure is a kind of massage, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

Best way to massage acupressure points

Get yourself to comfortable position and relax. it only takes  30 seconds to 1 minute on average.

Massage a point with light pressing or circular movements.  headache will most likely disappears either during the massage or 5-10 minutes after it.

There are 6 main points to get rid of a headache





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