On Which Finger Do You Wear Your Ring Your Preference Will Reveal Something About Your Character

We at oddmenot.com would like to help you to know more about yourself. In this simple test, all you have to do is to choose the finger where you always put on your ring and something about your character will be divulged. hope you will enjoy reading this article.

  1. Thumb

Wearing the ring on the thumb means that you’re a strong person. It’s also a sign that you have some manly features, for example, persistence and stubbornness.

  1. Index Finger

The ring on the index finger shows that you seek to gain more power and that you have megalomania and inclination to hysteria.

  1. Middle Finger

The middle finger is considered to be the best one for the ring. It means that you’re reliable and can make good decisions.

  1. Ring Finger

Usually, the ring finger reveals whether the woman is married or not. In ancient times, people believed that there is a straight nerve that runs through the ring finger right to the heart. If you chose this finger, it means that you’re a romantic person.

  1. Baby or “Pinky” Finger

The ring on the pinky is a sign that you’re an extraordinary person. By wearing the ring on this finger, you’re proven to be artistic and creative.

As you can see, there is a probability to determine what kind of person you are by looking at your hand and the place where you wear your ring. Share this to your friend and family for them to know something about their character too!

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