DO NOT Flip your Phone Upside Down While Reading This, Or You’ll Have a Nightmare!

A lot of tricks and quizzes found on the internet have kept us entertained during those times we are bored, passing away the time or just simply procrastinating. It’s also very easy to browse and collect our favorite celebrities’ pictures nowadays. Well, what if you can have a trick featuring your favorite celebrities? Sounds awesome, right? Well, at first it does seem like so, but if you flip your phone upside-down you might think twice about looking at those pictures again! So do not flip your phones for these pictures of your favorite celebrities’ faces will be forever marred! You’ve been warned! 😛

Disclaimer: For best results, view all images first as they appear here. Afterward, flip your mobile device and see the difference! Also, this trick is best viewed on a mobile device such as smartphones, tablets etc. Unless you are able to flip your laptop or desktop monitor upside down. 🙂

Hello from the other side… Pretty normal Adele, eh?

Miley Cyrus ain’t twerkin’ in this photo, she’s flippin’!

You’ll definitely focus on Ariana Grande here.

Is there a difference between this and flipped Nicki Minaj image?

No, not even a goddess like Angelina Jolie can escape this flipping madness!

Neither a supposed presidentiable can escape the flipping magic of the internet.

(Too bad we don’t have a Trump flip image, but maybe no flipping trick needed to induce nightmares? :P)

And, of course, we’re not leaving out the male celebrities!

Niall and his usual boy-next-door charm.

And of, course, 1D hottie Harry Styles should also be here.

Justin Bieber will definitely make you a Belieber with this photo!

And 5 Seconds of Summer fans will be delighted with this shot of Luke Hemmings.

We’re not missing out on smokin’ actor Dylan O’Brien from Maze Runner!

All photos were originally uploaded in 9Gag, where it has since garnered around 20,000 likes. It is easy to see where the trick lies right? But it’s just amazing how powerful our brains are that it will process an upside down image to be seen normally. But it is also scary in a way that reality can be distorted by perception.

What do you think of the flipped photos? Whose picture is your least and most favorite? Sound off below in the comments section, and don’t forget to share this with your friends to spread laughter!

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