DC vs Marvel copycats Characters: According to their Appearance & Dates

Hi awesome reader! Thanks a lot for your time you have been giving to our youtube channel and our facebook page! we try to bring you the most entertaining and amazing information to you! Today’s article is going to be much more interesting because we will be talking about the most famous companies The MARVEL and DC!! . Yeah !! i know you may be a big fan of either DC or MARVEL.. But lets see what we have for you! . So are you ready !

There is no doubt we have been entertain quite nicely  both by Marvel characters and Dc characters. But there is always a debate about the original ideas!  Some says Marvel is a copycat of Dc while others argue that Marvel did better! In order to resolve this we need to find out!

Who’s The Real Copycat? Marvel or DC!

Therefore we searched on internet quite a lot and then came up with these statistics! Please do remember it not to hurt the fan’s feeling of marvel and DC. Lets first check out some of these picture what do they have to say about the reality.

Here are the stolen characters Marvel and Dc don’t want you to know!





Here are the Marvel And Dc – Top Copy Cat Characters with their appearance and dates in the history! If you are Marvel or DC Fun please Don’t take it seriously if One has copied other! The best thing is both Marvel and DC has provided us amazing entertaining characters that has no match!!

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