Hello, and welcome guys! This is next level tech and i am your host abhinandan! we are gonna show some of the most unique and magical inventions that will blow your mind! So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the show! Before we jump into these invention ! if you have not subscribe our channel! Please hit the subscribe button and press the bell icon so you never miss the upcoming updates. Let’s have a look at these inventions one by one!

1: Hydrophobic material :

Have a look at this amazing invention guys! That repels water and other liquids that includes oils and mud using a nanotechnology! This material is called ultra ever dry! That Means any surface that is coated with This hydrophobic material develops this amazing property of reaming dry rappelling almost all liquids That comes into contact. Unlike the ordinary substance that gets wet easily. This hydrophobic material creates a barrier of air on The surface of the substance. This barrier repels water, oil and other liquids unlike any coating seen before. Isn’t it an amazing material guys? Keeping in mind the amazing properties of this magical invention Numerous uses of has been found!

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# Magnetic Thinking Putty !

Magnetic Thinking Putty Is just like any ordinary putty except that when it brought into the magnetic field This putty becomes something really special exhibiting some really cool properties. These properties are due to the millions of small particles infused in the putty. Though you can stretch, fold and make a ball from this putty just like any other regular putty! But under the magnetic field this putty does tremoundos things. for example if a magnet is placed near it , this putty will swallow slowly you can see in this time lapsed clip! You can buy this putty at and enjoy the cool properties of thinking putty. So guys if you like this putty do let us know in comment section below.


A Flexible, moldable multipurpose glue that can fix almost any thing! and Pay-Doh-like, this glue can be turned into anything. Just choose what you need to fix or what you want to create, shape it, and leave it for 24 hours. As a result, you will get strong and flexible silicone rubber. It can also be used in wet bathrooms, showers or even outdoors in any weather conditions. Here are some of the daily used things you can fix. Hope you got the idea! so guys do let me know if you like this ingenious invention Sugru ! You can check out the link in description below to buy sugru. its time to fix everything!


#LifeStraw :

One of the most advanced Portable water filtration gadgets .Lifestraw makes possible to drink water from different sources that includes stream, lake or river . The filtration systems in lifestraw kills all the micro-organism found in water! Advanced 2-stage filtration protects against bacteria, Making it 99.9999% bacteria free , parasites and microplastics, reducing the chemicals like chlorine and enhances water taste . Lifestraw can literally filter almost any sort of water. And for the record you can even filter back and drink your own pee! Traveling is made easy with this amazing portable personal water filter, which is just 9 inches that can fit easily into any bag. Let me know if you like this #invention.

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