7 Common Space Myths That You Need To Know Right Now

Common Space Myths

I am 100% sure you must have a dream of getting into the space to see the asteroid , meteors and that world out there. But unfortunately a great quantity of our knowledge regarding space comes from a non authentic sources that lake reality such sources are the Hollywood movies and blogs on the internet.


But to remove this all miss understanding we are here to dispel a few myths about the space that may disappoint you.

1. Mercury being closest to the sun and therefore the hottest.

Well the average temperature on the planet doesn’t depend upon its distant from the sun. Mercury is of-course closest to the sun, but that does not mean it is the hottest planet in the solar system. The day time temperature at Mercury reaches up-to 420 degree centigrade. Where as the hottest planet of solar system is Venus with average temperature of 462 degree centigrade.

2. Even the moon has a darker side.

3. The earth is round.

Every knows that earth is circular in shape, but for your information earth is pretty different from any type of a ball. But it is more like a irregular potato or pear.

4. The sun is yellow.


A human in outer space without a spacesuit will explode.

6. The Sun is a ball of fire.

The first thing is  Sun is not burning but in fact it is glowing because the heat generated by it is the result of a nuclear reaction and not a chemical one.

7. The Earth and Venus are identical.

Venus is mostly known as and referred  as Earth twin, leaving an impression that Venus is identical to Earth. Venus is actually a deadly planet with unwelcoming surface not fit for life.

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