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Cheating Husband Calls His Wife A Fat Cow And What She Does Later Is Surprising

People say that love is what allows you to be yourself. People ask us to be with the one who loves us even in our worst appearances. People emphasise to not change for anybody. But do such individuals who the people ‘refer to’ even exist?

Let Betsy Ayala clear all your doubts.

She has always been overweight weighing around 210lbs but was in a wonderful relationship since she was 17. She got married to her partner and the couple was blessed with a little girl in the year 2013. But what happened later is a story every girl should know.

She gave birth to her daughter Isabella in 2013, but post delivery she reached 262lbs

Six months later, she discovered that her ex-husband was having an affair.

She also found messages in his mobile where he was taking about her obesity.

Be so perfect in the work you are doing that you can accomplish it even with closed eyes.


Post this, instead of breaking down, she sorted for healthy snacks replacing sugary ones.

She started exercising and divorced her husband.

Would you like to look at her transformation?

Here she is…

She doesn’t only look slimmer but also more beautiful.

Her postpartum time was very difficult for her leading to severe depression and anxiety.

But Betsy considers it as a blessing that her husband cheated on her.

Since she was herself unhappy because of her obesity. But she was unable to cope up with her dieting and exercising. It was when she saw a heartbreak, Betsy became more strong from inside.

The hot mom also said:

That it wasn’t easy. She didn’t know what to do at that point of time. She would cry after every workout but Betsy wanted to set an example for her daughter.

She was in a relationship with her husband for 14 years but her divorce was a life lesson for her.

What she shared was that her husband always allowed her to hog on to the snacks and said that she looked fine. But when she found texts on his mobile where Betsy was being called as fat f**k and cow(which were sent to his lover), she was shattered and sorted for losing her weight.

Now the single mother who goes to the gym six times a week weighs around 158lbs and she’s all positive, confident and happy.

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