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Cannabis And Sex – A Match Made In Heaven

Move away chocolates and sex toys. Nature has always produced the best aphrodisiacs to stimulate sexual desires in humans. Cannabis, also referred to as ‘marijuana’ has proved its competency beyond an excellent immunity-boosting plant into effective sex and pleasure weed.

Research confirms the effect of cannabis on sexual satisfaction in women. 68.5% of females who tried marijuana before sex reported a pleasurable experience and intensified orgasms.

Are these enough pointers to establish a correlation between yield from trusted cannabis seeds and erectile pleasure? We share the insights.

Goodbye Pre-Sex Anxiety

Performance anxiety is an area where cannabis shows its skill. Research findings confirm CBD helps improve sleep and anxiety after a baseline study on Cannabidiol. Anxiety levels decreased in 57 patients in the first month and continued to decline in the research period. It is safe to consider that the intake of cannabis enhances playtime on the bed and that the initial self-consciousness on bed switches to indulgence by choice.

Farewell Potential Pain

Intercourse has its flip side of initial pain a female partner may face. A little weed can change the physical bonding on the bed to lubricated and painless arousal. The cannabis plant has a repute for boosting sexual experiences owing to the neuro-chemical passages in humans. The cannabinoid can thus activate the ‘bliss molecule’ through the flow of dopamine and anandamide. Cannabis eases inflammation and painful cramps of the female partner and makes sex more enjoyable and lasts longer.

Choose between Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid

A cannabis buyer will come across many weed variants. For the unversed, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid are plant classifications, not flower profiles. All cannabis strains are equal in their performance. There is no luck or chance here, no right or wrong strain for sex. The game is of body compatibility. One has to go with the mood. Some prior experience in deciding intimacy products also helps.

Product Diversity

Cannabis spices up sex. There are CBD lubes free from irritating chemicals to increase blood flow and sensation, intimate oils to prevent the disruption of pH balance in the vagina, vape pens, and THC-infused arousal creams with a potent dose of coconut oil to take euphoria to the next level. For edible lovers, cannabis-infused herbal tea helps enhance the moment. No shying away from shopping for these items. Shop online for Cannabis sex products or in dispensaries to get perfect pleasure.


Pelvis pleasure has its highs but has its lows too. Cannabis lowers the partners’ inhibitions on sex, leading to confidence and enthusiasm. No matter the cannabis strain you choose, it makes sexual heat reach mutual intensity.

Now that you are looking to spice up your bedroom time, try the weed. Choose a Cannabis strain to make things erotic and get the desired high.

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