Batman V Superman Movie Crosses $200 Million At Box Office

Batman V Superman Movie Crosses $200 Million At Box Office: I am i’m pretty much sure that you know Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in now playing in theaters.

You would be amazed to know that Batman vs Superman movie has grossed around two hundred million dollars in domestic box office the film metal round 8.1 million Wednesday. The movie of Heroes fighting with each other brings the men gone in the greater Danger. Deception movie like other popular movies such as avengers, age of Ultron, star wars and Jurassic World all have crossed $200 million in their opening week in 2015. Making $201.3 million in 6 days is an amazing record for the movie.

Batman V Superman Movie

Now lets see what other record this wonderfull and god-like super heroes will make in comming weeks.

Personally I would say this movie will be one of the top movies in 2016.
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