9 Striking Changes in North and South Korea After 70 Years of Separation

The division of Korea between North and South Korea was the result of the allied victory in World War II in 1945. Since then there are only the political, commercial, diplomatic, and military interactions between North Korea and South Korea.

Let us check out the changes and differences between these two countries.

Pyongyang vs. Seoul

The concrete jungles have encompassed both the metropolises. There is no much difference between both the cities, the buildings in Seoul resemble the ones in Pyongyang.

The Common Panorama
Both the countries share the same panorama on the Han River and have similar views from the opposite riverbanks. Although the suicide rates and bridge jumping incidents are quite high in South Korea, as people are unable to cope with the high level of interpersonal competition in that country.

The business districts in both these countries look no different than the other.

Residential Areas
There is a varied difference here. Apartments are given for free and there are no communal service charges after their marriage registration in North Korea. Whereas in contrast, a small apartment in South Korea costs up to $ 180,000.

Fashion in South Korea is definitely of higher standards than Noth Korea. North Korea is rumored to have a ban on pants for women and a few hairstlyes are approved by the government there. Whereas South Korea is considered to be one of the most stylishly dressed countries in the world

North Korea believes in 1 year of preparatory school and 10 years of compulsory studying. After which young bright students and rich kids enter universities and others look for jobs. Whereas in South Korea, school studying lasts for 12 years, and local universities are considered to be among the most prestigious in the world.

The salary of North Korea is drastically lesser than South Korea. The average salary of North Koreans is $3 a day with tickets for food whereas in South Korea is 1000 times more.

North Korea suffers a shortage of food. Apples and cabbages are available and people there hunt for frogs and turtles to compensate for protein rich foods. South Korea, on the other hand, can offer not only rich national cuisine but also many diverse European dishes.

North Korea has golf courses although common people are not allowed to play golf. South Koreans indulge in golf on a regular basis.

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