9 Habits that Damage Our Health Without Us Even Knowing

Things that seem to be normal in daily life are not often simple as they seem to be. Sometimes things we are used are more harmful and dangerous of which we have no idea. To get you familiar with habits that damage your health we have collected list 9 habits you need to avoid next time.
lets have a look at these habits in order!

8# Treating yourself with a hot water bottle

One of the most favorite way to remove and relieve pain is to apply  cold or heat to a painful spot on our body. But did you know ? there is a whole list of ailments that specifically do not need to be treated with hot water bottles. The list includes  bleeding, acute inflammation in the abdomen ( cholecystitis, appendicitis, pancreatitis) . Besides Thermal procedures are also harmful as cancer treatment.

9# Use of microwave for Preparing popcorn


The danger here is not how you cook the popcorn, but its contents of the corn for home use. Corn contains chemical refereed to as   diacetyl.  which is  a synthetic oil and a flavoring 2-in-1. It vaporize when heated and therefore can get into your lungs and damage them. To avoid this you need to let the pop corn first cool down before you eat.

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