Has the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle finally been solved?

The Bermuda Triangle has always been in news for many people have lost their lives because of it, or we can say “disappeared” because of it. It consumed around 1000 lives of people in the past year and their have been controversies regarding it.

The mystery behind the deaths has always been unknown, which is why scientists are always studying the clouds and weather patterns of the area. Here is what they have deduced till now:

Scientists study the Killer clouds.

It is predicted that those “killer” clouds could be the reason behind drowning of many ships and planes that cross the area, since ages.

Winds travel at the speed of 170mph.

The cloud envelope is in hexagonal shape around the area and it leads to terrifying winds. These brutal blasts of air could flip massive planes and ships.

20 to 55 miles is the radius of those clouds.

These clouds appear from the Western side of the Bermuda Triangle and cover a vast area which is of course terrifying.

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Radar satellite caught this image of the clouds

Although it is also true that the stretch of clouds cannot be exactly determined and the distribution could vary.

‘air bombs’

The winds passing by this area are called ‘air bombs’ because they can rise 45ft up in the air and lead to crashing down many large planes. It could also attain a speed equivalent to Hurricane Katrina.

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There is a magnetic theory behind it as well.

Here is video which tells all the theories that have revolved around Bermuda Triangle.

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