Hello, and welcome guys this video is dedicated to all dog parents and dog lovers. We are going to show you some of the most Amazing dog gadgets. If you love dogs you will definitely like these dog gadgets inventions too. You can check out the price and the link to buys these gadgets in description below. Let’s have a look at each of these invention one by one.

1. Puppy clan Portable Woof Dog Washer

(Rs.715)- https://amzn.to/2JbJgnA

bathing your dog can sometimes turn out to be tricky. Specially when you have no experience to bath your dog. Introducing Woof Washer 360. An incredible dog washing system that takes less than a minute to wash your dog. just attach woof washer 360 to your hose, add soap, slip the hoop on your dog, and slide to turn on! The instant mix solution will clean your dog in the most efficient way possible. If you find this invention interesting, do let us know in the comment section below.



(Rs.1000)- https://amzn.to/2J0qv7k

Sometimes your dogs start barking, that turns out to be very noisy . And this barking can sometime disturb your neighbors too. So solve your barking problem Lets have a look this ingenious gadget the no bark control collar. This bark collar detects barking by using Theirs Silent Partner technology that quickly determines your dog’s unique barking style



($199)- https://amzn.to/2Vtnnrv

Every dog lover and dog parent knows that spending time with their dog is much joyful than anything else. And often your dog will want you to be around most of the time. But sadly this not possible, we all have our jobs or some sort of work to do! and we have to leave our dogs at home alone. And this is probably the hardest thing our dog has to face. To overcome this problem introducing Furbo the ingenious treat tossing dog camera that keeps you connected with your dog even if you are not at home. Now your dog is always with you not matter where you are! Using this cool gadget you can see your dog live through the gadget built in camera.



(Rs.8,200)- www.brilliantpad.com

For dog nature call we usually take then outside. But due to some conditions, like work, or weather We stay at home. Inorder to deal answer their nature call here comes and incredible and creative dog gadget. THE WORLD’S FIRST SELF-CLEANING PUPPY PAD & DOG POTTY , Which comes with Highly absorbent BrilliantPad that soaks up liquids and dries out solids.



(Rs.835)- https://amzn.to/2VeGnJV

Guys have a look at this amazing Gadget that is dream of every dog parent. PiqaPoo collecting you dogs poo, so you don’t have to. Pigapoois simple yet creative invention that comes with a round clip,and a collection bag. Just place Pigapoo on your dog tails. When you dog is done pooping. You can simple through the collection bag. Thats is it.


6. HurriK9:

$54 https://amzn.to/2JCvqet

Let’s have a look at this simple yet creative dog gadget. The HurriK9 ring launcher is the world’s coolest fetch toy for both you and your dog Now you can EXERCISES dogs within a few minutes using hurrik9. Your dog will enjoy this fetch toy. Hurrik9 is easy to use, People of all ages can use this fetch toy to exercise their dog. The HurriK9 ring FLIES up to 100 feet! You can Play with you dog both INDOORS AND OUTDOORS.The choice is yours . Hurrik9 floats on water too. Your dog will just swim and bring the ring back.


7 IFetch :

Guys lets have a look another fetch toy that can be used to play and exercise your dog ! This amazing gadget throws a ball, and your dog has to fetch it back and drop it into the ifetch gadget. This incredible gadget is both an exercise and fun playing with your dog. Every dog loves fetching ball and this gadget is your best friend to play with your dog. ======================================

💡 ➤➤8. Duck Mouth Shaped Dog –


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