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8 Metabolism-Boosting Drinks to Tone Up Your Body

Toning up your body means to have a specific amount of muscle on your body, and to have a low percentage of body fat, so the muscles can be actually seen.

Too much fat is covering your muscles and this is the main reason why you are not toned as you would like to be. In this situation, you want to find the best body toning workouts, the best muscle toning exercises, all of the tricks, tips and secrets of how to get toned.

Most of the people now try to find a natural way how to lose those extra pounds or simply to detox the body. The Bright Side offers a natural solution, by consuming miracle drinks that are not only doctor recommended but also very tasty. They have the ability to boost your metabolism, which resulted in burning fat and gets toned more easily.

  1. Peppermint green tea

Green tea is an excellent ingredient in optimizing fat oxidation, while mint and lemon contribute to the metabolism process and prevent inflammation.

How to make it:

Add to a jar:

–           7 cups of green tea

–           A handful of fresh mint leaves

–           A couple of lemon slices.

Prepared tea is stored in the fridge, and after one night you can start drinking a glass of tea every day. Drinking lasts for a week.

  1. Strawberry smoothie

Muscles are strengthening if you consume more protein. This drink is rich in protein, and strawberries boost your metabolism.

How to make it:

Add to blender:

–           1 cup of strawberries

–           1/2 liter of skimmed milk

–           1 cup of light natural yogurt

–           1/2 cup of oats

–           1/4 cup of flax seeds

All ingredients are blended together, and the milkshake is ready to drink. Enjoy the flavor and benefits of this drink.

  1. Fruit smoothie

The combination of fruits gives to this drink a very delicious flavor. The main ingredient is grapefruit, known as a fat loss ingredient.

How to make it:

Add to blender:

–           2 grapefruits, squeezed

–           1 cup of raspberries

–           2 slices of pineapple

–           1/2 glass of water

All ingredients are blended together, and your fruit bomb is ready to drink.

  1. Apple smoothie

Apples have the ability to energize and detoxify your body. They contain pectin, which helps in reducing the amount of fat in your cells. This smoothie helps burning fat and strengthens your muscles.

How to make it:

Add to blender:

–           1 apple cut into pieces

–           1 cup of light natural yogurt

–           1/2 cup of almonds

–           1 tablespoon of honey

–           1/2 liter of skimmed milk

–           Cinnamon

All ingredients are blended together, and your healthy smoothie is ready for a drink.

  1. Spiced infusion

This infusion with green tea has plenty of health benefits. Green tea, cinnamon and pepper boost your metabolism, while honey has excellent detoxifying effects to your body.

How to make it:

–           Prepare a cup of green tea.

–           Add a pinch of cayenne pepper

–           Add some honey.

–           Add a tablespoon of ground cinnamon.

  1. Chocolate smoothie


This smoothie is perfect for consumption of protein. You can drink it an hour before your workout because coffee boosts your metabolism,

How to make it:

Add to blender:

–           Chocolate or cocoa powder without sugar

–           1/2 cup of oats

–           1/2 liter of skimmed milk

–           1/2 tablespoon of coffee

–           1/4 cup of amaranth

–           Honey according to your taste

Everything is blended together. Enjoy this tasty smoothie.

Other drinks that boost your metabolism

  1. Coconut water, which you can drink directly from the coconut


  1. Black coffee help speeds up your metabolism and burn fat faster.

Both drinks coconut water and black coffee you can drink in the morning right after you wake up, before exercising or after breakfast.

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