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8 Expensive Houses Of Indian Billionaires And Their Shocking Cost

India has more billionaires than any other country in the world except USA and China. It is an old saying that with great wealth there comes great lifestyle. So, these billionaires never miss a chance to display their opulence. Hence, how can they stay back in the race of having luxurious house? To conclude, they spend a lot on the place where they reside. So, today we have brought you some of the costliest houses of these Indian billionaires.

8. Vikram Chatwal’s Manhattan Pad

The popular hotelier Vikram Chatwal bought this house back in 2010 for $6 million, after that he had to spend a huge amount on the decoration and the furniture of the home. Vikram had spent nearly 50 crore in this house including the purchasing amount. Although he is an American, but he is an Indian from Origin.

7. Ratan Tata – Tata Group

One of the most popular names in business society of India, Ratan Tata owns this huge yet beautiful structure as his house. The house is spread over 13,500 square feet and worth 125 crore.

6. Rana Kapoor CEO Of Yes Bank

The founder and CEO of Yes bank lives in a gigantic house spread over 14,800 square feet. The house is beautifully decorated and the best part about the house is the outer view as it is neighbored by Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia. The cost of the house is 128 crore.

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5. Naveen And Sajjan Jindal

Designed with fine arts this house contains great artistic values. A huge amount of 400 crore was spent over this house.

4. Kumar Managalam Birla

Spread in 28,000 and bought in a whopping cost of 425 crore, Jatia house accommodated 20 bedrooms, 20 guestrooms on top of this; it brings the feeling of nature as it has a small pond in it.


3. Anil Ambani- Reliance Group

Likewise his elder brother, Anil Ambani also has an extravagant lifestyle. Moreover, the spendthrift attitude of the younger Ambani can be seen if you look at his mesmerizing house Abode that worth Rs 5000 crore.

2. Gautam Singhania – Raymond Group

The JK house of Gautam Singhania costs Rs. 7100 crore. Moreover, it is the second costliest house in India. The house accommodates spa, pool, sea view and many more impressive traits.

1. Mukesh Ambani – Reliance Group

Mukesh Ambani is arguably the most popular business tycoon of India, so how can he remain second in this race. He got the costliest house in India Antilia that worth Rs.10,000 crore. The house encompasses multiple swimming pools and helipads. Apart from it, the house includes 6 floors for parking.

Undoubtedly these business tycoons make even the biggest Bollywood stars look poor before them. What do you thing about this? Share your thoughts.

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