7 Ways An Indian Guy Can Introduce Sunny Leone To His Parents


Me: She is Sunny, good in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, drawing room and also on screen. She is very popular for providing useful education on how to keep husband satisfied, which is much needed after marriage.
Me: A real home maker. 😉


Me: Mom, she is Sunny. she worked for CIA in the past, but now she’s into Bollywood movies. She can neither confirm nor deny this piece of info. If she does, she would have to kill you.
Mom: What secret work she did in CIA?
Me: She has served the people of her country in more ways than you can imagine.


Me: Mom she’s a publicity hungry diva who likes to expose things..
Mom: Like Kejriwal?
Me: Yes mom, exactly like Kejriwal.
Mom: I like her.



Sanskari bahu hai, roj subah sham Oral B(hi) karati hai.


Hi Dad.. This is Sunny.. I’m sure you’re familiar with her epic performances 😛 Please, keep your hands off her.


Hi mom/dad. She is Sunny. She dared to join a profession where she would be shunned by others, had the vision and perseverance to transform herself into slowly becoming a household name.
She is versatile, determined and extremely hardworking. She won’t leave a mark to keep your son happy.

Hi mom, this is Sunny. She is a movie star. The entire family can see her movies but one at a time.


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