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7 Breakfasts That Only Pretend to Be Healthy

Sometimes the morning healthy habits that apparently seems to be healthy are not quite so. The kind of stuff that we take in our break fast greatly affects our health, so it is really important to know about your breakfast. Therefore we have brought before you some of the important facts about breakfast to keep you more healthier.

Remember Your breakfast is the source that provides you energy for the whole day. One should never skip breakfast its a grave mistake because it can be the cause of several diseases. So one should make sure what you take in breakfast is healthy.

Let’s look at 7 breakfast that just pretend to be healthy!

1. Granola is incredibly healthy, right?

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Well in theory, but the ready-made granola does contain saturated fats and sugar which you need to avoid. But if you still want granola, nothing to worry you can easily  make granola at home. Just mix cereal, nuts, coconut flakes, cinnamon, and honey, and bake it all until golden

2. Fat free is better

This is a myth. Low fat dairy products negatively affects your body’s metabolic process. The lack of fat is compensated with additives that helps in retaining   the taste and flavor of full-fat products. In addition, low-fat dairy negatively affects metabolic processes.

So go for the products with full fat but low sugar that will do no harm to your body and keep you satiated for longer.

3. Neglecting proteins

Some of us till feel hungry after the breakfast, So it is better to add some protein rich food into your morning meal. One of the simplest way to add protein is to go for Eggs, for one, which can be cooked in many different ways. If you don’t like eggs opt for whole-grain carbs as they’ll satiate you better for longer.

4. Egg whites instead of whole eggs

Well some of the people thing the yolk of egg affects our blood cholesterol due the fats in there, well is a myth, recent studies says it doesn’t affect our blood cholesterol. The white from egg contains little fats thus little calories where as all the important things such as fats, vitamin B and D are contained in the yolks.  Feel free to have a full-egg omelet for breakfast.

HealthBytes: Top 5 health benefits of eating egg whites

5. Orange juice

A glass of orange juice  seems to be healthy, until you are aware of  how many oranges it takes to make it. Juice most of the time contain sugar it is their fore advised to eat an actual fruits. You can prepare juice yourself also. Green apple, carrot, celery, and ginger is a good combination.

6. Breakfast bar

Its is brought into your information that Most breakfast bars are packed with sugar and saturated fats, minus protein. So you can make Making a cereal with nuts and berries at night too if you don’t have time in the morning.

7. Breakfast on the go

Time is of the essence when we talk about a healthy diet. Having snacks on the go deprives you of necessary substances, leaving you still hungry. If you had a small breakfast or none whatsoever, be sure to take some healthy snacks with you: nuts, natural yogurt, or some fruit. And then don’t miss a good protein-rich meal. Only this way can you keep away that nagging hunger eating you from inside the whole day.


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