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6 Things To Remind Yourself When Life Gets Tough

Life is never easy! everyone of us has gone through hard times! Sometimes life can get pretty messy. Things may not go the way have planned and this sometime in fact most o f the times make us angry or sadden us.

Everyone has been through this in one way or the other way, so we know how difficult it can be.Eventually, it matters less what life throws our way and more how we choose to deal with the hardship.

Times when you feel broken, sad or upset, you need to remember some positive phrases that will help you navigate the hard times better. Here are 6 things to tell yourself when life doesn’t go your way:

1.Great things take time

Waiting is boring and by now, we all probably know that. So when you’ve spend months, maybe even years on something and nothing is happening, don’t bury yourself on the ground. Remember that great things take time. Maybe you need more time and you need to exert more effort.So don’t just give up! It takes time built great things!

 2.Going Through This Will Make Me Stronger and Wiser

This is probably the number one thing to remember when the going gets tough. This phrase is so powerful because it’s incredibly true. The strongest people I know have dealt with many issues and they now master the art of going through suffering and healing their wounds. It takes time and patience but you’ll eventually get there. And you’ll feel so much more empowered but also ready to face life’s new challenges.

3. Always be proud of yourself.

When ever you achieve something, no matter how small that achievement is? Be proud of yourself, your strength and they way you overcome the challenges. Never ever  demotivate yourself . Always Be proud of who you are .

4. How You React Matters

Its not what life throws into your way , but its the attitude and your reaction to those things that matters. No one can deny the fact that it does gets tough sometimes but you have to in control of your emotion and attitude. Keep positive thoughts, Hope for the good and prepare for the worst.

5. There’s nothing wrong in not knowing

Have you ever met someone who is so good at pretending she knows everything that you almost fell for it? I’m guessing yes . There are just so many people who seem to have mastered the art of pretending they know everything. And these same people tend to love to belittle those who are brave enough to admit they don’t know everything. It sucks. But it’s great to be reminded that there’s actually nothing wrong in not knowing. There’s nothing wrong if life puts you in a storm and you don’t know how to get out of it… so you ask help from others. Because fact is, no matter how many years you live, there’s just no way to know everything. Don’t let those annoying people get into you. Don’t let them belittle you and most certainly do not belittle yourself because of the mere fact of not knowing. It’s okay. It’s fine.

6.It’s okay to ask for help

We often think that when we hit adulthood, when we reach the point where we are confident we can make it through this world, we can do it alone. Sorry to burst your bubble dear friend, but this is just not part of the reality. Rich people don’t get rich on their own. They have friends and family and even strangers around them who helped. And there were moments in their lives where they needed to ask for help. Doctors, when confused, seek help and advice from other doctors. That’s just how the world works. If you’re clueless about something, if you don’t think you can make it to tomorrow, ask for help. Ask for advice. This universe won’t be able to know you’re having trouble if you don’t seek help. And besides, there’s totally nothing wrong with asking help. It just means you’re brave enough to admit there are things you can’t do alone.

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