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55 weird facts about humans you didn’t expected

It is really good thing to know about your body, and human life. I am sure once you see these facts you will enjoy.  Oddmenot Team have collected some top weird facts about humans you didn’t expected. Continue reading to know what you didn’t know about humans.

  1. Human nose has the ability to remember 500 scents.
  2. Did you know that your body shed 600000 particles of your body every hour!
  3. 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms when combines make a human body
  4. An adult human body contains 100,000 miles of blood vessels.
  5. 25,000 quarts of saliva is produced by a human in lifespan that can fill two swimming pools
  6. Thinking about your muscles will make you stronger.
  7. Youngest parents ever recorded were 9 and 8 years old, in china 1910.
  8. The number of people alive today is more then people have died ever.
  9. When you blink once, the female beside you blinks twice.
  10. You will have great chance having bad dreams if you sleep in cold room.
  11. Your I can distinguish among 10 million different colors.
  12. The human eye is composed of more than two million working parts.
  13. Human body has enough iron which when combined can make nail 3 inches long.
  14. There are tiny mites that live in your eyelashes.
  15. You’re sweating odourless is the bacteria that makes it odorous.
  16. hairy people are considered more intelligent.
  17. the part of your body that never stops growing are Ear and Nose.
  18. Your immune system get more strengthen, when you laugh. Laughing  helps to lower level  hormones causing stress. According to a study 6 year old child  laugh  300 times a day. Where as an Adults  laugh 15 to 100 times in a single day.
  19. Human tongue has unique print just like our finger print.
  20. Did you know, human Brain is more active at night relative to day time.
  21. Babies have 60 extra bones as compared to adult humans.
  22. your hair life span ranges from 3 -7 years.
  23. your hair will grow up to 590 miles if left uncut.
  24. human brain can generate 10 to 23 watt of power , which can power a light bulb.
  25. The fastest organ in human body is your brain, which contains around 60% of fats.
  26. A human baby brain in its first decades forms trillion of connections.
  27. human heart beats 2.5 million times in life span of 70 years.
  28. blood circulating in your body comprises of 78% of water.
  29. The only part of your body that does not require blood supply is the cornea in your eyes.
  30. human heart pumps proximately 1 million barrels of blood in average life span. And 200 gallons of blood each day.
  31.  The skull has only one moving part which is lower jaw bone.
  32. have blues eyes, then you have higher alcohol tolerance.
  33. human left lung is smaller then right one, to make enough room for placing heart.
  34. Our eyes remain closed, for about 10% during our awake hours.
  35. if you convert your eye to a digital camera it will be 576 mega pixels.
  36. Any part of human body can be effect by more then hundred types of cancer.
  37. The blood group O positive is the common , and there is no substitute for human blood.
  38. Red blood cells carry oxygen to all part of bodies, red blood cells are created in bone marrow.
  39. Your heart beats changes with the music you listen .
  40. human brain uses twenty percent of your body oxygen and blood.
  41. bones of your’s contains 31% of water.
  42. It is estimated that your mouth contains more bacteria then people live in this world.
  43. The energy created by your heart in a single day can drive a truck 2o miles.
  44. did you know your waste consist of 75% of water.
  45. your hearing power decreases for some time when you eat too much.
  46. Stress is either responsible or complicates 90% of the diseases.
  47. your are 1 cm taller in the morning as compared to evening .
  48. humans are the only animals on earth that produces emotional tears.
  49. The dust in your bed is 90 percent caused by your skin.
  50. you can survive for about 2 months without food, if you have only water.
  51. Every human blood is colour less its, the protein that makes it look red.
  52. Do you know the enzymes that helps to digest your dinner and lunch will start eating your within three days of your death.
  53. Women’s heart beats faster then men’s.
  54. Sleeping less the 6 hours decreases your life span.
  55. Your hear when separated from your body will still be beating , due to its own electrical impluse.

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