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35 Unimaginable Facts that will Knock your socks off!

This wonderful world is full of things that are unimaginable. There are still a lots of things about which we are unaware. No matter what age you are, learning never ends, its an ocean .Here we have tried to bring you 34 facts that will blow your mind. We have divided the facts into different categories. So lets have a look at these unimaginable but yet amazing facts.



  1. Only one bird in the world can fly backwards – The beautiful hummingbird. (Fact)
  2. Bacteria that live in and on your body outnumber the body cells by at least 10 times.(Fact)
  3. A koala bear’s fingerprints are identical to human beings. Even, if you examine them under a microscope. (Fact)
  4. The Tardigrade AKA the Moss Piglet is the most strong-willed creature alive on this planet. Scorching heat, permafrost, radiation or even the void of space – it will manage to survive and thrive. (Fact)
  5.  The time interval between humans and tyrannosaurus is lesser than the time interval between the tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus. (Fact)
  6. An Earthworm has 5 hearts. (Fact)
  7.  A Blue whale’s heart is so massive that a human child can easily swim in its arteries. Talk about having a big heart. (Fact)
  8. Human DNA is fifty per cent alike to the DNA of a banana. (Fact)
  9. The only food that never expires is honey. Yes, it will not go bad for a life time! (Fact)



  1. From the point when Pluto was found up till the time when it lost its rank as a planet, this supernal body has not even revolved one full round around the Sun. (Fact)
  2.  A day on Venus is longer than a Venusian year. (Fact)
  3. The gravity on Saturn’s moon titan is so low and its atmosphere is so dense that if one has tiny wings instead of hands – would fly! (Fact)
  4. There are not enough glasses of water in the world’s oceans together than there are molecules in one glass of water. (Fact)
  5. The real trajectories of a spacecraft signify intricate ellipses. (Fact)
  6. Raining diamonds? Yes, that actually happens on Saturn and Jupiter. (Fact)
  7. If you compare the size, and the Sun is the size of a human cell – the Milky Way galaxy would be USA. (Fact)
  8. In theory, if one had to drill a pathway through the Earth and nose-drive into it – He would surface on the other side in about 42 minutes. Can’t guarantee making the journey in one piece though. (Fact)

Geography ad History


  1. You can see the border separating East Germany and West from space due the different kind of bulbs used in the area. (Fact)
  2. The complete surface area of Pluto is smaller than Russia. (Fact)
  3. Cleopatra existed around the time of the Moon landings. And not near the time when Egyptians built pyramids. (Fact)
  4.  Unbelievably, there is mobile connectivity at the summit of Mount Everest. (Fact)
  5. A novel was published 14 years before the first and last voyage of the Titanic. It was about a ship with the same name and fate. Iceberg ahead? (Fact)
  6. Till today, we are unsure who invented the fire hydrant. Ironically, the patent burnt in the D.C Patent Office Fire. (Fact)
  7.  When Neil Armstrong landed back on to the American soil, he has to fill out an immigration form. (Fact)
  8. For about 600 years, the official language of England was French.(Fact)
  9. The notorious Roman emperor Caligula waged a war against the god of seas. He instructed his army to go stab water and throw spears in it.(Fact)
  10.  In the span of 2 minutes, we take more pictures than the entire humanity did in the 19th century. (Fact)
  11.  Warner Brothers film studio is so old, that when it inaugurated – the Ottoman Empire existed. (Fact)

Culture and life in General

  1. Steven Spielberg was a college drop out. He graduated in 2002 to express immense gratitude to his parents for giving him the opportunity of higher education. (Fact)
  2. If you explore enough, the references and links in a Wikipedia Article will land you on the subject of Philosophy. (Fact)
  3. If you throw a can of coke in water, it will sink. But not a can of Diet coke- It will float. (Fact)
  4.  If the human ear were capable of hearing lower then 20Hz, we would hear our muscles contract. (Fact)
  5.  One out of ten Icelanders will write and publish a book in their lifetime. (Fact)
  6.   A microwave consumes 99% of its energy on standby mode and not heating process. (Fact)
  7.  The flag of Norway includes the flags of 6 different countries: France, Thailand, Netherlands, Poland, Finland and Indonesia.

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