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3 Items To Make Your Life Easier in Your Workshop or Studio

Have you been looking for ways to revamp your workshop or studio to make things a little easier? Modern innovations allow tradespeople and artists to work smarter and not harder. Small changes around your shop area can help improve your safety, cleanliness, and organization. A few simple items can greatly improve how you do your work.

Put it on Wheels

If you have a lot of large equipment around your workspace, it may help to make it mobile. Adding casters and wheels to work tables, benches, or other large items can make them easier to move around your shop. When you can easily move things around, it’ll make it easier to complete jobs, clean up afterward, and can help you do things you couldn’t accomplish with stationary equipment. Using wheels on your bigger items also helps you avoid possible injuries from lifting heavy equipment.

Have the Right Seat

When you’ll be sitting at a table or workbench for extended periods of time to complete your craft, you’ll want the right kind of chair for your task. If you are using a taller workbench, you will need a chair that adjusts to the proper height to meet the bench. If your chair is too tall or too short, it may have you bending your back to uncomfortable positions while you’re working. Using the right type of chair at the correct height will alleviate pressure on your back so that you can be more comfortable and complete more work.

Use the Right Kind of Storage

Do you find yourself spending too much time looking for tools and supplies in your studio? If being organized is a problem for you, then you might benefit from better storage for your supplies. For small items, you may want a small plastic box with a grid so you can store tiny items together. Small sets of plastic drawers are very inexpensive and can be great storage for small paintbrushes, files, drill bits, and other small, slender tools. Plastic storage containers are easy to label so you can remember where to put things so you can easily find them next time.

Making these easy changes around your shop or studio can make your day go much more smoothly. When you can work more comfortably and safely, you’ll be able to spend more time creating more handiwork. It’s amazing how a couple of tweaks can really improve the functionality of your workspace.

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