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22 Very Similar Sites like 9gag to Have fun

9gag is one of the most searched and browsed website when it comes to online fun and entertainment. Like all of you its also my favorite site when ever i want to have fun on internet. Its best place to find memes and comedy related stuff.

With increased in mobile usage and improvement in technology we have entered into very busy routines of our life, thereby limiting our selves to internet only. Friends and family are now at distant from us thus to bring laugh on your face we have gathered some websites like 9gag that will keep you freshen in your hectic routine.

Here are top 22 Hilarious  sites like 9gag


  1.  CHEEZburger
  2.  CollegeHumor
  3.  Funny Or Die
  4.  Quick Meme
  5. Reddit
  6.  Meme Center
  7.  The Oatmeal
  8. Porky Stuff
  9.  Uber Humor
  10.  Evil Milk
  11.  Funny Junk
  12.  eBaum’s World
  13.  Wimp
  14. Lamebook
  15. Jokeroo
  16. Makemymood
  17. Thechieve
  18. Dailyhaha
  19. LoL Happens
  20. 2 Spare
  21. Izismile
  22. Dude lol


So now you have a list of website that you can check out when ever you feel tired from your office work. These websites like 9gag can be a great source of entertainment for you guys. Do let us know if you find website similar to 9gag in any way, we will be more then happy to add it to the list of the websites. If you find article useful don’t forget sharing it with your friends who are also looking for some sort of fun out there.

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