Apps You Can Use To Find Ghosts Around You

Do You Guys ever watch those ghost hunting shows on TV? I can’t really watch those because they just creep me out but i love knowing a place is haunted especially castles because it kinds of adds mysterious aura to the whole place. But these ghost haunting guys are always searching for troubles. Some of you don’t believe that ghost exists but some of you wants to become ghost hunters. You really want to know whether your home or your room is haunted or not then all you need is just your smartphone.

Here are some of the Apps you can use to actually find ghosts or spirits around you.

  1. Ghost Radar. (Android)

This is the most basic app. This app takes advantage of your android device’s motion position and environment sensors to show anomalous activity reading. It measures the electromagnetic fields, Vibrations and sounds and shows only abnormal patterns after analysing all readings. By measuring the quantum fluctuations around your device the ghost radar purports and finds the presence of Spirit around you. App is completely free & had received good reviews.

Apps You Can Use To Find Ghosts Around You

  1. Thermal Imaging Accessory. (iPhone)

This is an iPhone accessory released by fleur systems inc. Thermal imagers are quite expensive & all ghost hunting groups have this. The Price of this is around $300 which is much cheaper than any thermal scanner. Experts says, Spirits are made of energy and energy emits radiations so theoretically, you can use thermal imaging camera to see temperature changes and find spirits.

Apps You Can Use To Find Ghosts Around You

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