20 Of the Most Unforgettable Weird Addictions

Every one get addicted to things right! some need  coffee , other needs smoking. But i bet you have never seen these unforgettable weird addictions in you life .  These people have fascinated me for sure.

1. “When you love your car more then any thing .”

2. “Its almost like cotton candy.”

3. “She is not  so talkative when people are around.”

4. “The bigger ,the better .”

5. “How does it taste eating your husband?”

6. “I like warm pee.”

7. “I also like eating plastic bags.”

eating plastic ,

8. “ I am unable to work without baby powder.”

9.”mattress plain”

10. “What i did to my face to look like ”

11. “The rubber of tires has its own taste.”


12. “I  love when bees sting me .”

13. “I’m a living doll.”

14. “It’s my long hear you are seeing now.”

15. “I thought why not get all these vitamins on the back.”

16. “I just love the crunch.”

17. “love the smell of it.”

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