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20 Most Important Tumblr Tips

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20 Most Important Tumblr Tips:If you are a blogger, then there are chances that you might have heard about Tumblr but most of the people are unaware of the real potential of Tumblr and what it can do. It is basically a platform for bloggers where they can express themselves freely. To make the experience more seamless, we have compiled a list of top 20 tools, tips and tricks so you can also make the most of the fast growing blogging platform.

  1. Draft Preview Sharing

If you think that your followers should also see what you are working on then this tip is for you. To share the preview of your draft with your audience, you will have to first save it as a draft. Access the draft and click on the top right corner. Copy the URL from there and share it with your followers. Keep in mind that the URL is temporary and when you publish the draft, URL will disappear.

  1. Know What You Friends are Liking

Most of the blogs do not have the “Things I liked” section, which gives you an idea about posts that users have liked but some of the blog have this feature. Thankfully, your Tumblr blog can also have this feature easily. All you have to do is to enable a setting. Visit this link http://www.tumblr.com/liked/by/username. This link will only be valid for public Tumblr only.

  1. Arrange Queued Posts

You have set your posts in queue to be up at sepecific time. However, you want to change the publishing order of particular posts. You can easily do that at your queue page. Just hover your mouse over the Sort button and drag the post for rearrangement. If you want the post to be published first, click on the Move to top button on the right hand side of the page.

  1. View Search Results in a Traditional Way

Thanks to Tumblr redesign, the new search bar offers the option to search for multiple tags at the same time. It received mixed responses on its new layout. If you are one of the unhappy users, you can switch back to old style search results by replacing /search with /tagged in the URL.

  1. Posts In Chronological Order

If you want to view posts from earliest to latest, then you can also do that in Tumblr. To do that, add /chrono at the end of URL like this: http://[username].tumblr.com/tagged/[tag name]/chrono.

  1. Search Specific Post

Searching for particular posts which is published on a particular date can be difficult but not anymore because Tumblr allows you to do that as well. To do that, type http://[username].tumblr.com/day/[year]/[month]/[day].

  1. Find All your Tags

Most bloggers who are using Tumblr thinks that Tumblr does not have the list of all the tags you have used but that is a misconception. In fact, they have all the record of all the tags that you have used. To know more about the tags, go to Tumblr source code dashboard. Click view page source. Now, press Command + F (Mac) or Ctrl + F (Windows) to find Tumblr.USER_TAGS.

  1. Archives

Browsing through the archive is the fastest way to go through your old blog posts, which are already published and viewed. This feature might also be missing on many blogs you have stumble upon. Even though, you can view those blogs’ archives by visiting http://[username].tumblr.com/archive.

  1. Author Avatar

For all those whose blog is managed by multiple authors, this feature can come in handy. With this setting turned on, it will show an author’s avatar alongside the blog’s avatar. Go to the Settings icon at the top. Scroll to Blog avatar and enable Show author portraits.

  1. Search For Blog Posts Without Search Bar

If you like a post from another user but can not find on his Tumblr page, then you can search for it easily. You can do this by visiting this URL: http://[username].tumblr.com/search/[search term].

Tools and Extensions

  1. Tumblr Chat

Let’s add some social element to your Tumblr blog with Tumblr Chat. With the Tumblr Chat extension, users can chat with one another on the same Tumblr page. Users can share photos and videos, live streaming with webcam and even create private chat rooms.

  1. Tumblr Hate

Tumblr Hate is a specific tool to block a particular post that you do not want to see again because you hate it badly. Tumblr Hate will block it even if it gets reblogged by other users, and even if it gets reblogged two years later. Take note though that it doesn’t work if you have Tumblr Savior.

  1. Tumblr Savior

Enjoy a spoiler free blogging experience on Tumblr with the help of Tumblr Savior. Tumblr Savior allows you to block those posts from your dashboard. This tool is also useful for blocking posts you don’t want to see like triggers or anything that makes you angry and sad.

  1. Archive Poster

If you are interested in the browsing through the archive pages of another Tumblr blog, then this tool is for you. You can reblog, queue, draft and like posts from the archive with the help of this tool.

  1. Babblr

Chat from your dashboard from this useful extension without have to go anywhere else. You invite a friend who has a babblr account to chat through their username and email. Users can create chat groups to talk to multiple persons at a time.

  1. Google Analaytics

By far the most important tool when it comes to statistics of your blog is Google Analytics. Want to know how many visitors your blog is getting, this tool can provide you that and more insight information. Before selecting the theme for your Tumblr blog do check if your theme allows you to paste a Google Analytics ID in the settings.

  1. Disqus

If you are one of those who want to showcase your hidden talent to the world through your imaginative works and get response from your fans, then this is where Disqus comes in. The popular commenting feature let people outside of Tumblr to comment on your post and helps start discussion.

  1. Post Limit

Many blogger, even the experienced one does not know about the fact that there is a blog limit of 250 posts per day. If you would like to know number of posts left, you can enter your Tumblr username at Post Limit Checker.

  1. Listen To Music

Trntbl can help you listen to music you have blogged. Just enter your username and treat your ears to the music you have blogged.

  1. #WRAP

If you use long tags frequently, then it will become a difficult task to keep track of these long tags. Some tags get hidden which you can view with Tumblr scrolling tag feature but it is not user friendly and easy to use. Wrap is a much better alternative.

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