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20 boredom-busting websites that will entertain you forever

here is the list of 20 boredom-busting websites that will entertain you forever:

  1. oddmenot-: the fun world.
  2. Difference Between-: Here you can get info about difference between any two things.
  3. The Geocities-izer-: Helps you turn any website into old form like 90s.
  4. Wikipedia Random-: Here you can explore random topic and can edit them.
  5. Whizzpast-: Fantastic place on the internet to learn about our amazing, action packed past.
  6. Find the Invisible Cow-: Before check this make sure you have your audio turned up.
  7. Sporcle-: Here you can make your own quizzes.
  8. Zooniverse-: Best place for science projects, like info about the moon surface, etc
  9. Lang-8-: Helps you correct your mistakes of any language you are learning.
  10. Silk-: Now you can make dreamy works of art by your mouse. Start drawing now.
  11. Letters of Note-: Best collection of letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes and memos from the past.
  12. Khan Academy-:Best educational websites which will help in your educational field
  13. Feel Good Wardrobe-: Get best tips on buying clothes.
  14. I Need a Prompt-: Best for writer, will help you to complete you novel.
  15. Omegle-: Best place to chat with someone. It also lets you text or video chatting with a stranger.
  16. My Script Font-: Now you can create font based on your own handwriting with my script font.
  17. Live Plasma-:It helps you to discover music. Just enter the artist name the search engine will bring related results in sec.
  18. Hippo Paint-: Here you will get thousands of free books to colure. Both for kids and adults.
  19. Akinator-:Pure magic
  20. Kongregate-: Online thousands of free games are waiting for you

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