15 Things You Didn’t Know About Sundar Pichai ( CEO Of Google )

Pichai Sundararajan (born 12 July 1972), also known as Sundar Pichai, is an Indian American business executive. Pichai is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Google Inc. Google surprised the world by announcing the appointment of a new CEO on 10th August 2015. It became a proud moment for the Indian community to see an Indian-born make it to the list of the CEOs in the Tech. Industry.

Google’s creation of Alphabet shouldn’t have a major impact on the average Google user, but one thing is changing in Mountain View: Google has a new CEO, Sundar Pichai. Here are a few things everyone should know about him.

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15. He’s The Guy Who Gave Us Chrome

While dealing with the Google look toolbar, Pichai got the thought for Google to hop into the program wars. Super positive about his moderate program idea, he conveyed it to the executives. While some were somewhat reluctant, he was given the green light to make what is currently the most well known program on the Internet. Along these lines, he was additionally given the keys to Chromebook, Chrome OS, and other related activities.

14. He’s A Stanford Alum, But Not The Kind His Professors Wanted Him To Be

Subsequent to moving on from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering, Pichai’s teachers asked him to get a PhD from Stanford – for various reasons. He was going to play a part with the Stanford thought, just not the PhD part. He went to Stanford and got a MS in Material Science and Engineering, then flew over to Penn to get a MBA from the Wharton School. The majority of this was against the counsel of his IITK educators.

13. He’s Actually Been Running The Company Since October 2014

While Larry Page and Sergey Brin have been wrapped up being Larry Page and Sergey Brin — Sundar Pichai has been running Google. The day-to-day operations have been under his supervision since October, and this new CEO title is seen by many as merely a formality. Once the Alphabet conglomerate is up and running, Pichai will be the head of a company he’s already been running for almost a year.

12. He Married His College Sweetheart

Pichai is a family man with a wife and two children and enjoys playing chess in his free time. He isn’t known to be a workaholic and is popular for his impeccable work ethics. While we as Indians, feel extremely proud of his accomplishment, let’s be inspired by his success

11. He’s Known To Randomly Wander Out Of Meetings And Return With The Solution

In each venture he’s chipped away at, Pichai has exhibited an inclination to simply get up and leave a meeting. He’s not being impolite, it happens when the group stalls out. Associates say they never stress in regards to it in light of the fact that subsequent to strolling it out for a little time, he generally returns with the arrangement. It’s to the point now that Pichai leaving a meeting is viewed as something to be thankful for – since the arrangement typically takes after.

10. Saying He Came From Meager Beginnings Is A Massive Understatement

As a kid growing up in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India — the Pichai family worked for everything. His father, Regunatha was an engineer and factory manager for GEC, and his mother Lakshmi was a stenographer. The family had no car, and didn’t get a phone until Sundar was 12. His father saved for three years to buy a new scooter to get him to work, while Sundar and his brother slept in the living room of their two room apartment. It was his seriously impressive academic performance that got him into Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and later to Stanford — on scholarship.

9. He’s Known For His Freakishly Accurate Numerical Recall

For most of his childhood, his family of four lived in two rooms. They didn’t have much technology, not even a telephone until he was 12 (it had a rotary dial). Using it revealed one of Pichai’s gifts: he never forgets a number.

8.He Was Captain Of His High School Cricket Team

In high school in Tamil Nadu, he was captain of the school cricket team.

7. He’s Been In Charge Of Android Since 2013

This is when he really shifted into a whole new gear for Google. In taking over the supervisory role for Android, Pichai had a goal of bringing one billion users worldwide to the mobile OS. His Android One project launched in 2014 with the aim of getting more smartphones to lower income users. The project launched in his native India and has been wildly successful.

6. He Keeps His Office Insanely Clean

Dieter Bohn at The Verge describes Pichai’s office as “clean to the point of being spartan” and noted that this simplicity was reflected in his demeanor.

5. Microsoft Was Recruiting Him Hard To Be Their Next CEO

It was a secret everyone knew. After Steve Ballmer announced he was stepping down as Microsoft CEO in 2014, Pichai’s name was on a very short list to replace him. Google “just so happened to” promote him around the same time, and as part of that promotion — floated him a rumored $50 million in stocks. There was also a time in 2011 when Twitter was trying to lure him away to become a VP over there.

4. Most Have Seen Him As Larry Page’s Translator

Pichai is known for his soft-spoken, diplomatic nature. In 2013, he accompanied Larry Page and Google CBO Nikesh Arora to tour a Samsung factory in South Korea to help build Google’s relationship with its partner.

3. He’s Had A Hand In Almost Every Major Property At Google

In his time at Google, Pichai has worked on the Google Search, Maps, Gmail, Chrome, Chrome OS, Android, and Drive. He’s also the one who open sourced the VP8 codec for videos. Also under his supervision, the Chromebook was created. With few exceptions, there’s not much Pichai hasn’t had some say in at Google. Not surprisingly, the flop that was Google+… Pichai had nothing to do with that.

2. Staying Removed From Politicking And Drama Has Kept His Career Advancing


His attitude has been portrayed as everything from “quiet and mild-mannered” to “self-censuring.” Nearly everybody who has met him has observed him to be madly affable and simple to coexist with. Most have attributed this to his strict strategy of dodging show and work governmental issues. He basically works the job that needs to be done, and that’s it. This is the reason he’s progressed easily and has no adversaries.

1. Larry Page Has Him Do The Big Google Developer Conference Presentations

Less of a production than Apple’s famous WWDC and Apple Events, Google’s Developer Conference is one of their big deals, along with Google I/O. It’s where a lot of new Google stuff is discussed and presented. Pichai has become the face of the conference for the past two years, mostly because he’s so personable and likable.

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