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14 iPhone Tricks And Tips Apple Doesn’t Want You To Know. #7 Just Made My Life

It was the first phone with a touch screen

First phone that had apps that made it multi use

They basically changed phones into being mini computers that you can also use as a phone

Here are some tricks for Iphones to make sure you are getting the most use out if it that you can.

You will be surprised by some of these.

  • 1/ If you want to take a bunch of photos quickly without having to keep pressing the capture button, just hold it down.
  • 2/ If you made a mistake in an email or text message, or even editing a photo just shake your phone like a polaroid pictures and it will undo your last action.
  • 3/ Who has time to be careful with grammar and punctuation in texting. To quickly add a period to the end of a sentence in a text or email just double tap the spacebar instead of switching to the punctuation keyboard.
  • 4/ Getting the perfect angle for a selfie is important but it can be hard to hold your phone and press the middle button to capture it. Just use the volume controls on the side when your camera app is open to take a picture.
  • 5/ If you do not like the way Siri is pronouncing words just say ‘Siri that is not how your pronounce _____’ and she will give you some options for you to choose your preferred way from.
  • 6/ So the scrubbing method is not a perfect method to skip ahead when listening to a podcast or video, it is so imprecise. You can control the rate of scrubbing by sliding your finger downwards as you are pressing down to scrub.
  • 7/ To see timestamps for your text messages on your Iphone just slide your finger across the screen to the left in text messages and it will show up.
  • 8/ Apps make your Iphone a multi use tool. When you need to make sure you are hanging up a picture on the wall just right you can use your phone as a level. Just swipe left in the compass app.
  • 9/ If you are in rush and need your phone to be charged ASAP just put your phone into airplane mode and it will charge faster.
  • 10/ If you want your phone to turn into a strobe light and have a party every time sometime calls or texts you, go to your settings > general > accessibility and then scroll down and turn on ‘LED Flash for Alerts.’
  • 11/ If you like falling asleep listening to something there is a way to make your phone turn off after awhile. Go into your clock app and set your timer for how long you want things to play while you are falling asleep and then just press ‘When Timer Ends.’
  • 12/ If you do not want a number passcode, go into your settings > general > Passcode Lock and turn off simple passcode and you will be able to put in a letter passcode.
  • 13/ If you want to find out what flight is flying over you, just turn on Siri and ask ‘What flights are overhead?’
  • 14/ Do you want Siri to read your text messages to you? Go into your settings > general > accessibility> and turn on the speak selection feature. Now when you highlight text it will read them out loud.

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