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13 websites that will make you a better writer

13 websites that will make you a better writer:

Here is the list of top 13 website that will make you a better write

  1. Write or Die-: several different modes will push to stay focused.
  2. The Story Starter-: it is online tool helps you in creative writing projects.
  3. TED Talks about Writing-: best place to learn new things and get inspired in a number of different topics.
  4. Take Three Nouns-: helps you in short creative exercise.
  5. Seventh Sanctum-: this website offers thousands of random generators to support you in getting creative juices flowing. Helps you in fantasy writing.
  6. Protagonize-: fantastic site for collaborative fiction. Start writing now by choosing your own Adventure.
  7. Pinterest-: very helpful for figuring out what you are targeting for in your next novel.
  8. National Novel Writing Month-: best for getting your dreamed novel written in one month.
  9. I Need a Prompt-: helps in generating a dirty and quick prompt for your writing projects.
  10. FreeMind-: best mind mapping tool. Free to download.
  11. Creative Writing Exercises from Language is a Virus-: it has a best collection that will keep you busy for hours.
  12. Creative Writing Exercises from Be a Better Writer-: give you a creative mind, provides good enough direction to get you writing. Also best tool for classroom or workshop use.
  13. Character Questionnaire from Gotham Writers-: lets you know your characters a bit better.

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