11 unbeatable ways to do ordinary things 3 times faster

Have you ever thought , there are many things that we do day to day life, which can be done in proper and more easy way. Plus do these things take much of our time too. Today we bring you some of the most ordinary things that can be done super fast.

So know you don’t have to waste your precious amount of time on doing ordinary things, instead they seconds can be utilized to do some special works. We bring you the gift to save your time and help you do ordinary things in a clever and special way. Lets start Now.

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How to shake ketchup out of the bottle easily

Learn To Tie your shoelaces One second

T-shirt really quickly

Master to peel a banana quickly

Best way to peel potatoes then peeling using knife

Quickest way to make your own sorbet within 2 minutes

Best way to tie your earphones so they don’t get tangled later

Peel an egg within no time

Clever way to cool down a can of soda in just 2 minutes

After Pouring  some water into a bowl you need to add 3 cups of ice Plus a cup of salt. Place and stir it forcefully until it gets  cold.

How to peel a pomegranate without making a mess

First you need to Cut off the top of pomegranate, and make incisions around the surface . Turn it over above the plate, and tap it with a spoon. And you shall see granules coming out quickly without making any mess.

How to freeze mincemeat

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