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11 Things You Need To Quit Right Now

If you sit to realize how much stress and pain we go through in our every day life, you will come to know that most of these problems could be easily solved by simply following some rules and avoiding some habits that we develop during the course of every day work.

No matter how hard we work, we never appreciate ourselves, we spend days and weak to please others and at the end of the day,  have no time for our selves. We doubt our selves. Habits like these and many other does not permit us to live a happy life. Therefore we have created a list of  things you need to stop doing  right now.

1. Stop Doubting your self.

Don’t try this. You are better, smarter and more magnificent than you give your self credit for. If you’re continuously doubting your self, you’ll never go after any dreams or goals you may have.

2. Stop Spending Time With Wrong People

Life is too short to be spent with wrong people. Instead surround yourself with people who finds good in you! who motivates you, stand by your side when you have your bad days and celebrate when you have your good days. Surround yourself with such people who lift you up.

3. Stop Having No Time For Yourself.

You spend all the hours in the day pleasing everyone else and on the end of the day, there’s no time for you. Stop spreading yourself thin and not leaving any time for you in your day. You are simply as necessary, if not more, as everyone else. Make time for you.

4. Stop Being jealous of others.

Jealousy will eat you alive. Stop being jealous of people. When you are jealous of others, you are not giving yourself enough credit in your skills and talents. You are just as great, maybe even better, than anyone else at what you can do. We are not here to compete. You are nice, just like everybody else.

5. Stop Working too hard or too much.

Working hard is no doubt a good habit and always payoff, but Work work work. Is that the story of your life? What about your life? Are you taking time to get pleasure from it? Your mind and your body also needs time to decompress and step away from work mode . Don’t work hard so much that affects your life. A little rest is never bad!

6. Stop Worrying

Worrying about any problem does not solves the problem. Change your attitude  while dealing with serious issues and problem. Its your attitude that determines the end result. Don’t stress your self just give it your 100% , worrying is not the solution! Thing for the solution without any stress and pressure.

7. Stop Being lazy.

Procrastination and laziness go hand in hand. We are going to put it off till tomorrow because we don’t really feel like doing it right now. Normally it’s fear that’s holding you back from anything. Stop procrastinating and slipping into lazy mode. Get off your arse and go live life. Get stuff accomplished. Tomorrow might not come.

8. Stop Feeling sorry for your self.

There is no such thing as a time for lengthy drawn out pity events. Take care of whatever happened and move on. Don’t get caught in woe is me mode. You may have a heck of a time getting out of it. Whatever happened, come to terms with why and then let it go. You have a life to live now, not yesterday’s life.

9. Stop Blaming your self.

Not every part is your fault all the time. You didn’t fail at anything.  Not everything is going to go your way either. Things happen for numerous reasons and usually none of them are your fault. Accept what happened, and let it go. When you were at fault, admit and move on. What’s done is done. And it’s done.

10. Stop burying your head in the sand.

Life is not straight path without any speed breakers, in fact life full of problems that you  even can’t imagine  but it is our attitude and the way we behave to face problems that determines the end result. We’re made to fail, to feel pain and to stumble…because these are the experiences that ultimately help shape us into our very best selves.

11. Stop Trying To Buy Happiness

Remember there will be always people who will never be satisfied no matter what they achieve or what you do for them. Happiness is free try to find it in small things. Enjoy ever moment of your life with your family.

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